NZBGet Review

NZBGet Review by Top10Usenet.
  • Written in C++: Performance is fast and efficient
  • Accessible: NZBGet is available on majority of platforms and devices
  • Smooth: Straightforward web interface and initial setup
  • Native Coding: Downloading made quick and easy
  • Fully Automated: Processing is automatic yet remotely controllable
  • Smaller user base than alternatives such as SABnzbd
  • More complicated to set up compared to a native newsreader from a Usenet provider
  • Limited to NZB downloads only

NZBGet: Fast, Simple, and Straightforward

NZBGet is a very popular Newsreader that has consistently performed high on ranking lists. This fact is not surprising when you look at this Newsreader’s constant drive to update its services and its regular release of new features.

This open-source binary newsreader is an impressive platform. Amongst other things, NZBGet is known for its high-security standards, low resource consumption, and cross-platform capabilities.

The most attractive fact of this platform is that it is free.

NZBGet: The Things We Like

While starting with Usenet may seem cumbersome to some, NZBGet makes it worthwhile. For one, Usenet downloads are particular from traditional downloads and can require quite a lot of computational power. Thankfully, NZBGet is written in C++, which helps accelerate download speed and reduce overall system overhead. As a result, NZBGet is known for its strong performance, effectiveness, and diverse customization options. This is important because users can process large amounts of binary files and put less strain on their system.

Another highlight of NZBGet is, by using less memory to function, it allows for low-power devices to interact with newsgroups. This is a particularly useful fact for users who want to use older devices or even Raspberry PI to handle their downloads.

Multi-platform Accessibility

As mentioned, the nature of NZBGet allows it to run effectively on virtually every type of device: traditional PCs, Raspberry PI, NAS devices, SAT-receivers, media players, WLAN-routers and many more. Some systems come pre-installed with NZBGet and you can now also download it directly from the App store.

NZBGet can be accessed from a web interface, which natively allows you to remotely manage feeds, downloads, add NZBs and many more essentials. Furthermore, their Remote Procedure Call (RCP) API allows the Newsreader to be integrated with a wide array of third-party apps. If you are crafty, you can easily use this feature to automate further a handful of tasks.


While opinion varies from source to source, for a free Newsreader, NZBGet makes interacting with Usenet very easy. This newsreader automates the essential for the user: downloads, deobfuscations, verifications, repairs, and extractions are all made simple. It’s frequent updates also ensures that the platform operates at the highest security standards.

Usenet Search

With the extensive amount of content available on Usenet, finding the right indexer is imperative to your experience. Thankfully, there is an extensive choice of indexers on the market. Each indexer is individually configured to arrange USenet’s content into organized libraries for easy retrieval. They all vary in terms of features, content, and speed. Pinning down on a single one can be particularly difficult.

Hence, it is essential to have a tool that can accommodate multiple indexers. With NZBGet’s API, you get to configure your Usenet search using multiple indexers. Planned right, this will provide you with a robust Usenet search solution by combining all the best features.

All these factors combined make NZBGet one of the strongest client-side available that is both free and open-source.

What We Don't Like about NZBGet

Like most free open-source services, the extra features need to be self-configured. New users will find native Usenet clients such as the ones included with the providers Newshosting and Easynews simpler and easier to pick up.

Secondly, while you will find very passionate community support from NZBGet, it is not as large of a user-base as SABnzbd. It is worth mentioning that given all its strong features, the community is quickly growing every day.

Finally, this newsreader only supports NZB file and does not have any built in search functionality, which can be an inconvenience to some.

Bottom Line

NZBGet is a great option for people who want a Usenet Newsreader that is both straightforward and easy to use. We particularly enjoy its simple and sleek interface which complements the rapid speed and efficiency of the downloader.

We aren’t surprised that this one of the fastest-growing platforms in the market. It’s free, open-source and is only improving in quality. It also takes fewer resources than programs which run on Python.

It is evident that this platform was designed with efficiency in mind. For instance, NZBGet is highly effective at the reparation, verification, and deobfuscation of files. It uses native algorithms to sort everything internally instead of relying on external programs that slow down the process.

Undoubtedly, we’ll be hearing a lot more from NZBGet as the program’s current features improve and new ones are released. We’re excited to see the evolution of this program that champions efficiency. Overall, NZBGet is a Newsreader that we are convinced you will be satisfied with.

How to Get Started with NZBGet

NZBGet has a straightforward download process. On the config screen you will select options such as security, localhost, logging, RSS feeds, and so on. You’ll set up your news server which entails information such as your hostname, username/password, and encryption.

To download NZBs you merely select ‘Add’ and choose whether you are downloading from a URL or your local drive. Once you add the NZB it will immediately start downloading, simple and painless.



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