Easynews Review

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Verdict: 4.7 out of 5

Ranked #3 out of 10 Usenet Providers

Easynews is unique in the Usenet space, with features that can’t be found anywhere else. It has excellent speeds, plenty of connections, and generous, generous data allotments and much more.

New to Usenet? Easynews is the perfect place to start. Users who are familiar with the World Wide Web will find it very simple to start enjoying Usenet with Easynews.

The Easynews difference is a, web-based Usenet search interface accessible from any web connected device including, smartphone, tablet and game console.

Easynews Category Ratings

Retention 5/5
Performance 5/5
privacy-icon Privacy and Security 5/5
pricing-icon Pricing 3/5
Getting Started 5/5



Easynews Features

  • Web-based Interface — The Easynews web interface has everything you need to search for and retrieve posts from Usenet. Play and preview posts directly in a web browser instead of having to download them. Usenet veterans can still use their favorite newsreaders with Easynews, just like a traditional NNTP provider.
  • High Retention — With 5523+ days of spooling retention, Easynews has the largest Usenet archive in the world, and increases by one day every day.
  • Free VPN — Subscribers to Easynews through the Top10Usenet link get a free virtual private network (VPN) to protect all their online data with 256-bit-AES encryption and the ability to change their virtual location.
rating-icon Rating 4.7 out of 5
ranking-icon Overall Ranking #3 Usenet Provider
Retention 5523+ Days in all binary and text newsgroups
privacy-icon Security SSL and VPN
Discount 75% savings
pricing-icon Price $7.50/mo
search-icon Usenet Search? Yes, Newsreader with Search included for free.

To learn more about Easynews and its service, check out our in-depth review below or click here to go to their website.


Retention Start Date August 15, 2008
Retention Length 5523+ Days
binary-icon Binary and Text Retention Access to over 120,000 newsgroups.

Easynews has some of the best retention rates, currently 5523 days of rolling binary retention. Every day it grows and nothing posted to its servers expires. It’s a big reason we recommend Easynews.

Many other providers who manage their own Usenet servers provide limited retention and save files for only a few months. This severely limits the amount of posts you have access to.

Easynews officially claims a 99%+ completion rate. Since Easynews automatically pre-converts many of the posts you want to download, we were not surprised to get a 100% completion rate during our tests.

The outstanding retention and completion rates make Easynews stand out in a crowded field of Usenet providers; the web search interface and all the advanced search features are icing on the cake!


Easynews Speeds

We didn’t encounter any bottlenecks when we ran download tests of Easynews using a Google Fiber connection. Our average download speed through the Easynews https-secured web interface was very fast, on par with other major Usenet providers. Easynews also has “NNTP header compression” for fastest header downloads for users using their own newsreaders.  

Another unique feature of Easynews is that users can access files without having to download them. View Usenet posts right in any web browser. Local storage of Usenet files is also available and very easy to do.

We experienced high download speeds both through the web interface and through NNTP downloads using a 3rd-party newsreader.

Included Newsreader Software

Easynews newsreader

Choose Easynews for web-based Usenet search to access posts. While not “newsreader software,” per se, it functions the same way. Users simply open a browser tab and log into their Easynews account. 

Easynews Web-Based Usenet Search Features:

  • No setup required
  • Built-in Usenet search engine
  • Preview in search results to validate a post before downloading
  • Can be used on any device that runs a web browser
  • NZB import support

Privacy and Security

Easynews provides SSL encryption with every Usenet connection for secure browsing, file access, and downloads. Also, their easy to read privacy policy states that they do not monitor or log downloads for both NTTP and HTTPS searches. 

Like many high-end Usenet services, Easynews offers VPN security. A zero-log VPN is included in their Big Gig plan, and is a $2.99/month add-on with all other plans. VPN is free with both a one year and a month plan.  Finally, if you plan to post data to Usenet through Easynews, you’ll be glad to know that they remove X-headers, to ensure that posts made to Usenet through Easynews are anonymous.


easynews plans

Easynews has many plan options, all based on monthly data transfer amount. Every plan includes a 14 day free trial with 50 GB of free high speed access. We recommend the The Big Gig plan which includes:

  • 150 GB/Month Downloads
  • Unlimited Speed
  • 5390+ Days Binary Retention
  • 60 Connections
  • Free Unlimited NNTP
  • Free VPN

Sign up for the Top10Usenet special deal: $9.99 per month for a Big Gig  monthly plan or an exceptional $7.50 per month if you sign up for a year— an exclusive 75% discount. Moreover, the Big Gig Plan comes with unlimited downloads and speeds, as well as a free VPN.

Bottom Line

Easynews is easy to use. The user-friendly interface makes browsing and downloading from Usenet a pleasure on all your devices. And you won’t need to download any software to get started.

Download posts from Usenet to your hard drive, or access them immediately on any desktop or mobile device. Even if you’re a long-time Usenet user, give Easynews a try for their web search interface.

Sign up today. Easynews provides a truly unique Usenet experience that we recommend to all Usenet customers.

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