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Easynews Overview

For those unfamiliar with Easynews, we want to be clear up front — Easynews is different from the general class of Usenet service providers. Easynews provides a unique web-based Usenet interface that allows you to access Usenet from any web browser. You can even access files from Usenet on your mobile device. While you can also use Easynews with any of your favorite newsreaders, you do not need to download any software at all. The Easynews interface has everything you need to search for and retrieve articles from Usenet. It even allows you to play and preview files directly inside your browser instead of having to download them.

In contrast, other Usenet providers require you to find, download, and configure a 3rd party newsreader to use with their Usenet service. In nearly every case, you will be restricted to accessing Usenet on desktop only. Additionally, you are restricted to downloading articles which, if you are a heavy user, will eventually (and sometimes quickly) create issues with hard drive space.

For a more traditional Usenet experience, Easynews customers can still use their favorite newsreaders. Just plug in the server and port info, and use Easynews as a traditional NNTP provider.

But what makes Easynews unique is the fact that you can get started without downloading any additional software. The web interface has everything you need to search and download from Usenet.


Retention is a strong suit for Easynews, which provides some of the best retention rates in the industry. Easynews currently provides 5399 days of binary retention. Their retention is rolling, meaning it keeps growing every day and no articles posted to its servers expire or get deleted.

In comparison, many other providers who manage their own Usenet servers provide limited retention and save files for only a few months. Once a file has been stored for the maximum number of retention days, the provider discards it from its servers completely. This severely limits the amount of articles you have access to and is a big reason why we’d recommend going with Easynews over other providers that offer less retention.

Since Easynews automatically pre-converts many of the files you want to download, we were not surprised to get a 100% completion rate during our tests. Easynews officially claims a 99%+ completion rate. All-in-all, the outstanding retention and completion rates make Easynews stand out in a crowded field of Usenet providers.


One of Easynews’ best features is a technology called NNTP header compression. This compresses article headers so that they download much faster—up to 100 times faster than Usenet providers that do not provide header compression. Using a Google Fiber connection, we put Easynews to the test using their 50 GB free trial. Our high speed connection meant that any bottlenecks or slowdowns we might have experienced when testing almost certainly reflect the download speed of Easynews. Having said that, we did not hit any bottlenecks during our download tests. Our average download speed through the Easynews https-secured web interface was very fast, on par with other Tier-1 Usenet providers. We experienced plenty of speed to access very large files with no interruptions.

Another unique feature of Easynews is that you don’t always need to download files onto your hard drive in order to access them. Instead of downloading the file to your computer, you can interact with all kinds of media files right in your browser. That includes thumbnail file previews and actually being able to play content directly from inside your web browser. If you do want to download Usenet files from Easynews and store them locally, you can certainly do that as well. We experienced high download speeds both through the web interface and through NNTP downloads using a 3rd-party newsreader.

Privacy and Security

Easynews provides SSL encryption with every Usenet connection for secure browsing, downloading, and accessing files. Additionally, their privacy policy states that they do not monitor or log downloads, and they explicitly note that this includes both NTTP logs and HTTPS logs. Their privacy policy is also surprisingly easy to read, which is a pleasant change from other Usenet providers. Like many higher-end Usenet services, Easynews offers VPN security. The Zero-Log VPN is included in their Big-Gig plan (which also offers the most Usenet downloads), and is a $2.99/month add-on with all other plans. You’ll also get the VPN for free if you sign up for Top10Usenet’s exclusive discount with Easynews. If you are serious about privacy, we recommend you use the Easynews VPN regardless of which plan you choose. Finally, if you plan to be post data to Usenet through Easynews, you’ll be glad to know that they remove X-headers. This is absolutely necessary to ensure that any posts made to Usenet are anonymous.

Getting Started

Getting started with Usenet can be a daunting task. Most users who take the time to get the hang of using a modern newsreader will eventually find it is no more complicated than a typical email client. Easynews, however, has no learning curve and is perfect for those new to Usenet because the only thing you need is a web browser like Chrome or Firefox.

If you decide to sign up for Easynews (keep in mind all plans come with a 14 day/50 GB free trial), you will be redirected to a ‘Basic Search’ interface, which is the most simplistic version of the Easynews interface and perfect for Usenet beginners. Here, you will see a search bar — Just type in your search term then click the Search button. From there, Easynews will very quickly return everything it can find on Usenet related to your query.

To make it even easier, you can choose to have it return only video, audio, or image files. Thumbnail previews are also included with video and image files to help you scan through the results and find the specific files you want. Finally, once you have what you’re looking for, you can access it immediately in your browser or download it to your hard drive hard drive. Simple, right?

The reason it’s so easy-to-use is because the service does all of the heavy lifting for you. Easynews allows you to search across all newsgroups on all Usenet servers with the click of one button rather than having to download thousands of groups and searching them manually to find binary or text articles. Similarly, you can skip the steps of downloading and converting the RAR and PAR files of the files you are looking for because Easynews proactively converts those files into their final format for you, saving you yet another step.

We’ve covered the basics of getting started here, but for those who have used Usenet for a long time and are looking to see what else out there that is new and exciting, you should know that Easynews has one of the most powerful Usenet search engines available with many useful filters (listed below) to give you a fully customizable Usenet experience. For example, you can personalize numerous aspects of the interface such as: setting your own search parameters, changing the way your search results are displayed, configuring the way indexes for browsing are displayed, and instructing Easynews how to handle multiple files to queue for download.


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If it sounds like Easynews is a good fit for you, plans start out at $9.98/mo for 20GB per month with the Classic plan up to $29.94 (available or $9.99 for your first 3 months through Top10Usenet) for 150 GB per month with the Big Gig plan.

Every plan includes a 14 day free trial with 50 GB of free high speed access.

Top10Usenet visitors can get an account for $9.99 per month for the first 3 months — an exclusive 67% discount. This is our top recommended plan given the big discount and the fact that it comes with the most retention, most GB per month (with all unused GB in a given month rolling over to the next month with no limitations), and a free VPN account.

The 14 day free trial with 50 GB of access is also included with the discounted Big Gig plan.

Bottom Line

To put it simply, Easynews is easy to use. The extremely user-friendly interface makes browsing and downloading from Usenet a pleasure on all of your devices. And you won’t need to download any software to get started.

Download files from Usenet to your hard drive, or access them immediately on any desktop or mobile device. Even if you’re a long-time Usenet user, you should give Easynews a try – its Usenet interface is the most powerful and customizable available anywhere on the market.

Start a free trial today and test the service for yourself with 50 GB of free access. Easynews provides a truly unique Usenet experience that we recommend to all Usenet customers.

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