Best Usenet Search

Usenet search can be confusing for new users, however that doesn’t mean it has to be difficult. Many modern newsreaders have search capabilities built in, making it easy to find the articles that you want. In fact, many also come with previews so that you can further refine your results to get the best Usenet search.

There are also some newsreaders that don’t require search integration and instead rely on third party indexers in order to help you navigate Usenet. These newsreaders are highly configurable to meet the specific needs of users with more technical knowledge. They have a higher barrier of entry, but for experienced Usenet users, can allow for greater automation and accessibility.

We’ve put together a list of the best newsreaders for searching on Usenet.

What We Are Looking For

When it comes to determining the best Usenet search, we are mostly concerned with three factors.

Ease of use – How simple is it to find and download the articles you want.

Accuracy – How relevant are the results to our queries.

Completion – How many articles download without issues.

Here are the providers with the best Usenet search.


Not only is Newshosting the best Usenet providerm but they also have the best Usenet search according to our tests.

This provider gives users access to Usenet search as a part of their free newsreader. The feature is actually integrated into the newsreader, providing you with a simple search box at the top of the screen. From there, you can put in basic queries or use the filters and advanced settings to narrow down exactly what you’re looking for.

It couldn’t be simpler to search Usenet through the Newshosting newsreader. The search box is easy to find and the advanced search features, which filter results for better searches, are highly intuitive. We were able to pinpoint several specific Usenet articles that we were looking for in only a few seconds.

The quality of the results was also top notch. Even if we weren’t looking for a particular post, the ones that were presented from our queries were generally on point and satisfied our needs quite well. Completion was 100% in our tests, but it’s more likely to average around Newshosting’s claim of 99.99% completion over time.

All in all, Newshosting has a simple, easy to understand and use search that returns the kind of results that will satisfy most users’ queries.


Eweka also provides a free newsreader pre-configured for their service, meaning that users can get on Usenet in minutes and start searching.

The design for the newsreader that comes with Eweka is very well laid out, with clear indications of what every window and section of window is. Finding and using the search function is easy and there are plenty of filtering options to make it simple to find exactly what you’re looking for.

When we ran our tests, we found a 99% completion rate, which is in line with Eweka’s claims, though not quite as good at Newshosting. However, display was rapid and it wasn’t an issue at all to get the artiles we were looking for.

While not at the same level as Newshosting, Eweka’s Usenet search is still top notch and certainly the best we can find from any European provider.


Certainly the most unique offering, Easynews’s web-based search is the only one available from any Usenet provider. This also makes it possible to perform Usenet searches from your mobile devices, something that can’t be done with any traditional newsreader.

That level of freedom is great for all types of user, making it much simpler to find, filter, select, and download the exact article you’re looking for from anywhere. The interface is fast and light, so it’s not difficult to get your selections on any device with a web browser. You can preview documents before fully downloading them and it’s great for people who are only used to Web searches.

Our search queries came up with exactly what we were looking for, so it’s clear their algorithm is solid. Even fairly obscure, older posts that we use for testing purposes were found high in the search results.

Ultimately, Easynews provides a Usenet search unlike any other and we highly recommend them, especially to people new to Usenet who want a smooth onboarding.

Possibly the most popular newsreader, SABnzbd is excellent for power users that want a highly customizable client. While it doesn’t have integrated search, it can be connected to a third party indexer to make it easier to get the articles you want.

Because of the coding and a lot of input from users, SABnzbd is very nimble for a newsreader, making it easy to download, process, and even more the articles that you want to specific folders. It is provider agnostic, so it can be used with any Usenet service, and has an intuitive interface that makes configuration fairly easy if you know what you’re doing.

If there is a drawback to SABnzbd as a newsreader, it’s that it only can download binary files. If you’re looking for a client that will allow you to read and participate in text conversations, SABnzbd is not the right choice for you.

However, if you primarily want to work with binary files, then it’s as simple as downloading the NZB file and dropping it into your SABnzbd window. The newsreader will take it from there, finding the files, downloading them, processing them, and even checking for errors.

SABnzbd is so popular for a reason: it works well with a minimum of fuss.


Another amazing newsreader focused on downloading binary files is NZBGet. If SABnzbd is among the most popular newsreaders, this one is close to it. In fact, they are similar applications in many ways.

Like SABnzbd, NZBGet can only download binary articles from Usenet, so you’ll be unable to participate in text conversations. However, it is also a very light, very fast newsreader capable of collecting the files indicated by your NZB, assembling them, and organizing them in a way that works for you.

The interface is simple and the settings make it easy to configure for basic use, but there are plenty of options to customize the application’s settings and functions for more advanced users. NZBGet also has an active community of users who can help with most issues and extensive documentation on how to get the most out of it.

If you’re looking to download binary articles, NZBGet is a great way to go for most users.

Bottom Line

There are lots of ways to search Usenet, but they all boil down to one question: Can you find the articles you want and successfully download them? All of the newsreaders listed above have excellent track records of running highly accurate, useful Usenet searches or downloads, and we’re sure you can find the one that works best for you.