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Eweka Review

  • Founded 2001
  • Free Newsreader Included
  • 7 Day Free Trial
  • 4821 Days Retention

Eweka Overview

Eweka Usenet Provider Logo



Free Trial:

7 Days / Unlimited


4821 Days Retention

300 Mbps

20 Connections

Unlimited Downloads


Credit Card, PayPal, iDEAL, Direct Debit

Eweka Usenet Provider Logo



Free Trial:

  • 7 Days / Unlimited

Pros (+):

  • 4821 Days Retention
  • 300 Mbps
  • 20 Connections
  • Unlimited Downloads



  • Highly affordable
  • Incredible speed
  • Great free trial
  • Free newsreader
  • Limited plan flexibility
  • No long-term discounts

27% Off

High-Speed 12 Month


Standard 1 Month


Highly affordable

Incredible speed

Great free trial

Free newsreader

Limited plan flexibility

No long-term discounts

27% OFF

High-Speed 12 Months


Standard 1 Month


Disclaimer – Prices may change frequently and despite our best efforts it is possible that some may be out of date. Please visit the provider’s official website for exact pricing.

Eweka Overview

There aren’t a lot of secrets left on the internet, but Eweka is one of them. Eweka was founded in 2001 in the Netherlands to provide high quality Usenet access. Unlike other Usenet providers, Eweka controls as much of its network as possible. Also unlike other providers, Eweka owns its network backbone and data centers. This provides users unparalleled security and reliability at a bargain price. Moreover, Eweka is extremely honest and transparent in all that they do. There are no marketing gimmicks on the website– no baits, switches, or deceptive phrasing. Eweka offers privacy and speed at a great price. Because Eweka does not have as high of a profile as other providers, we tested it thoroughly to provide a detailed review. Here are the results.


Compared to the rest of the market, Eweka has elite levels of retention and completion. Eweka offers 4821 days of binary retention, which puts them in the top tier. Other sites will often advertise over 4000 days of retention, but that can be deceptive as they are usually talking about retention of text. Finding a provider that can match 4821 days of binary retention is rare. That’s eleven years of messages. It’s also important to note that Eweka’s retention is spooling. Other providers will cap their retention. If they say they offer 1,000 days of retention, that is what they offer and any messages older than 1,000 days will be inaccessible. With spooling retention, each passing day adds another day to the retention total. So today, Eweka offers 4821 days retention. Tomorrow, they will offer 4821 + 1. The next day, they will offer 4821 + 2 and so on.

As far as completion goes, Eweka lists their completion rate at over 99.5%, but we experienced 100% completion during testing. A completion rate of 99.5% means 99.5% of all packets/messages sent are actually sent and received. Again, you’re not going to find better than that from other services. Any provider who promises 100% retention is being reckless, because however rare, mistakes can happen. So, despite us experiencing 100% completion retention ourselves, we were happy to see Eweka conservatively report their completion. It speaks to the honesty and transparency that is prevalent with Eweka.


Unlike other providers, Eweka can actually guarantee their download speeds. Eweka offers two plans. The first plan offers a maximum of 50 Mbit/s. The other plan offers 100 Mbit/s. This is as good as you will get with any other plan. Other sites will advertise “unlimited speeds”, but that is clearly not true, as speeds are never infinite due to various factors. By capping speeds and offering tiered plans, Eweka is being honest and fair. Because Eweka owns its own backbone and points of presence (the physical location of routers, switchers, multiplexers, etc), Eweka can also guarantee reliable and consistent service. Other providers will say they guarantee the connection. In reality, other service providers cannot guarantee their own connection. They might have a server, but they do not own their own network. They buy time and bandwidth on other networks. Big difference.

Privacy and Security

You cannot find better privacy and security than Eweka. Most sites will advertise that they offer SSL encryption. Eweka includes SSL encryption with all of its plans and also protects the data after it has been encrypted. All of that encrypted data has to be stored somewhere. Most service providers store the data in rented data centers. Eweka owns their own data center in the Netherlands and they have points of presence in London, Amsterdam, and Frankfurt. This offers redundancy and protection from U.S. warrants. If your data is physically located in the U.S., then all the authorities need is a warrant from a state or federal court. If your data is in Europe, the U.S. State Department and the Foreign Ministry and courts of the hosting country have to get involved. Privacy laws are also much stronger in E.U. countries, so getting those warrants will not be easy. All in all, your data is in safe hands with Eweka.

Getting Started

Getting started with Eweka is very easy. Eweka will work with any of the available newsreaders on the market, so, despite the fact that they lack an in-house newsreader, there’s no reason to worry. If you’re a Mac user, make sure to chose a newsreader that is compatible with the Mac OS. Eweka will provide you with your username, password, server, and port information. They will also offer technical support for any problems connecting to your news reader and offers a quick how-to guide for posting in a discussing group. This is the best you can expect from a Usenet provider.

If you want to test the service for yourself, Eweka offers a generous free trial. You get seven days to try one of Eweka’s two plans. Seven days is more than enough time to get a great feel for the service. Usenet service providers often offer one to three day free trials, so seven days is on the higher end of the spectrum. Further, service providers often put restrictions on the terms of the trial. With Eweka, you get to try the plan you want. The free trial will also give you an opportunity to get acclimated with Eweka’s outstanding customer service.

That customer service is top of the line. Though, Eweka’s customer service is physically located in the Netherlands they understand that many of their customers don’t speak Dutch. Because English is the global language of commerce, language is not an issue. You can call during Dutch working hours to discuss billing issues. All technical inquiries are handled by email. Before you reach out to customer service, check the FAQ section first. It has an exhaustive list of errors along with step-by-step guides on how to fix them.


Eweka’s prices are very competitive. The 50 Mbit plan is 7,50 euros and the 100 Mbit plan is 9,60 euros. Since Eweka’s prices are in euros, exchange rates can affect what you end up paying. Even if the Euro goes back to the halcyon days of $1.40 to the euro, Eweka is still a deal from the the perspective of privacy and reliability. Eweka also offers flexible payment methods. U.S. customers can use bank transfers and Pay Pal to make international payments. You are also not locked into a long-term contract. Eweka is pay as you go. For Usenet subscribers that are serious about privacy and reliability, Eweka is an incredible, affordable opportunity.

Bottom Line

For Usenet access alone, Eweka is one of the the top providers on the market. If you’re looking for bells and whistles, like VPN access or an in-house newsreader, you’ll have to look elsewhere. But what Eweka may lack in non-essential add-ons, it more than makes up for in price and performance.

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