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For quality and price, no other Usenet provider comes close to Newshosting. Newshosting boasts the highest retention of any provider in the world, currently 5818+ days across all binary and text newsgroups. Performance on their servers is top-notch, with consistently incredible speeds with no significant drops or outages in our tests. 

An often overlooked benefit of Newshosting is their preconfigured newsreader, which is simple to install and use and includes built-in Usenet search capabilities, making it perfect for Usenet newbies.

If that weren’t enough, plans also come with the option of a free, zero-log VPN on top of their other excellent security features like SSL connections and a robust privacy policy. You can try the service risk-free because they offer a 30-day money back guarantee and see for yourself.

Newshosting Features:


Eweka has been the most popular European Usenet provider since the early 2000s. Prized for a 99%+ completion rate, unlimited data, and super-fast transfer speeds, our testing confirms that Eweka is the best European-based Usenet provider. No other European provider has higher completion rates than Eweka. Today, their retention is 5818+, but that increases one day every day. Users have complete access to all text and binary newsgroups. Speeds easily reached the 1 Gbps connection we use and remained fast through our whole testing process. Prices are already low, but if you sign up through Top10Usenet, you can get a year of Eweka service for 38% off which includes a pre-configured newsreader with search.

Eweka Features:

Sign up for Eweka’s 12 month plan through our link, and save 38% on a one year subscription. Only €5,99 per month.


Unique among Usenet providers, Easynews is the only provider with a web-based Usenet search. No separate newsreader app and Usenet index needed.  Easynews is the easiest way to experience Usenet. Great for Usenet newbies and works on any web enabled device including tablets, mobile devices, & game consoles. 

Easynews is also compatible with all the newsreader apps, so if you have your own newsreader already configured, connect it to the Easynews server and use the web-based search as another tool in your Usenet toolbox.

Moreover, Easynews has the highest possible retention rate of 5818+ days, increasing one day every day, so users get access to the world’s largest Usenet archive.

For only $7.50 a month through Top10Usenet, you can get unlimited web and NNTP downloads, unlimited speed, a free VPN, and 5818+ days of binary and text retention. Try the service confidently with their 30-day money back guarantee.

Easynews Features:

Sign up for Easynews today to get the biggest discount we’ve ever seen: $7.50 for a year’s service, which is 75% off their regular price.


The US pioneer in Usenet services since 1999, UsenetServer has been the provider of choice for Usenet veterans. You can try the service without worry by taking advantage of their 30-day money back guarantee.

UsenetServer provides a solid service for a value price, focusing on the most important features and service levels to keep long-time customers happy and coming back year after year. This includes 5818+ days of binary and text retention across all newsgroups, free Usenet search through their Global Search 2.0 service, and high-speed servers based in the EU and North America for reliable connections.

Not only do they offer SSL protection on all their Usenet connections, but users also get free access to an unlimited VPN to defend the rest of their Internet data.

UsenetServer Features:

Sign up through Top10Usenet’s link, for a 70% discount on a one year plan with three free months for $5.99 per month.

Tweaknews is another independent European Usenet provider offering a lot of value for the price. Users who sign up for Tweaknews get 4,500 days of retention, some of the highest in Europe, and access to incredibly stable Usenet infrastructure. 

Users enjoy very high completion rates, approaching 100%, for a complete Usenet experience. Speeds, particularly in the EU, are very fast, averaging 125Mbps in our tests of the Ultimate plan. 

Tweaknews also comes with a free, pre-configured newsreader, UsenetWire, that includes Usenet search built into the interface. Furthermore, Tweaknews’ best plan includes free access to an unlimited VPN for additional security.

Tweaknews Features:

Save 49% on one year subscription to Tweaknews by clicking our link . At €6,67 per month, you can’t beat this deal.

Sunny Usenet

20% off

1 Year Plan

€ 6.23

Per Month


Days Retention

Sunny Usenet is a Europe-based budget provider that scored well in our tests and is recommended for its value and quality.

Subscribers to Sunny Usenet get 4,100 days of retention, which is on the higher end of retention for EU-based budget providers. It’s nearly as high as Tweaknews, which is remarkable for the price.

Speeds remained consistent throughout our testing, with the fastest Sunny plan capping out at 90-110 Mbps.

The best feature, however, is the price, which starts at €3,03 per month. This includes speeds up to 20 Mbps and 30 connections. Signing up for an annual subscription gives you a 7-day free trial to evaluate the service and see if it meets your needs.

Sunny Usenet Features:

Sign up for an annual plan following our link, get 20% off immediately. Set up auto-renew and take advantage of double connections. €6,23 per month certainly qualifies as cheap!

Pure Usenet

20% off

1 Year Plan

€ 5.97

Per Month


Days Retention

Another budget European Usenet provider. While they don’t offer a lot of features, they excel in quality, reliability, and speedy transfers. It’s an ideal Dutch provider that doesn’t require a Dutch IP to sign up. Moreover, it’s a wonderful, inexpensive way to get started with Usenet or specifically EU-based service.

Pure Usenet subscribers get 4,100 days of binary and text retention across all newsgroups, free SSL protection, and potentially unlimited speeds depending on the plan you choose. Even the best plan costs only €5,97 per month when you sign up for a year.

Pure Usenet Features:

Start a 7-Day free trial by following our link, then get 20% off a one year plan at a super duper cheap €5,97 per month.


47% off

1 Year Plan

€ 7.49

Per Month


Days Retention

XLned is yet another European budget Usenet provider, with some ridiculously cheap subscription plans

Despite the low prices, XLned still provides 4,100 days of retention and unlimited downloads. This is an excellent offer in combination with subscriptions starting as low as € 2.24/mo. 

All plans on XLned are speed limited, but those speeds are consistent and users can expect to max out their connection regularly with no interruptions. Ultimately, XLned is perfect for people looking for value over speed.

XLned Features:

For 47% off a year of XLned, follow our link and sign up to their best plan, XL Gold, for only €7,49 per month.

How We Determine Value

Top10Usenet brings you the most accurate and useful information about Usenet.  We test every Usenet provider on the key service metrics: Retention; Completion; Speed and added features so you can take full advantage of what Usenet has to offer. Then we look for the discounts available to determine the value.  The choices above are all premium providers with different service levels and features. Ultimately you decide which combinations of features and price fit with how you want to experience Usenet.

Bottom Line from Top10Usenet - Best Cheap Usenet

All these Usenet Providers offer solid, reliable services with good customer support. They vary in service levels and features and that’s where the price-to-value calculation comes in.  We recommend full-featured Newshosting and Eweka and we present their cheapest priced plans to you. For a more budget-conscious choice, Sunny, Pure, and XLned also passed our basic service tests and we recommend them as well.

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