Best Cheap Usenet

Usenet is a great place to find all sorts of information online that isn’t available on the Web or other Internet services. New users often become quick devotees and Usenet veterans get to enjoy one of the most unique communication methods in the world.

However, it’s important to find the best value. Just looking for “cheap” can result in poor service, slow connections, and unreliable downloads. You’re much better off searching for “value” in your Usenet provider. Is the amount you’re spending worth the cost?

Fortunately, there are plenty of high quality Usenet providers that give both new and returning users fantastic deals on their service. We have found the best values in the Usenet space, and are excited to share our results with you. Let’s take a moment to discuss the best cheap Usenet providers and why you should consider each one.

How We Determine Value

Top10Usenet is dedicated to bringing readers the most accurate, most useful information about Usenet so that you can take full advantage of NNTP access. We determine the value of a Usenet provider by comparing its features to the price, then factoring in how much of a discount you get compared to other providers.

Top Usenet Deals at a Glance

58% off 1-year plan + Free VPN | $8.33/mo

27% off 1-year plan | €6,99/mo

67% off for the first 3 months + Free VPN | $9.99/first 3 mo

60% off 1-year plan + Free VPN | $7.95/mo

48% off 1-year plan + Free VPN | €6,67/mo

Sunny Usenet
20% off 1-year plan | €6,23/mo | 4100 days retention

Pure Usenet
20% off 1-year plan | €5,97/mo | 4100 days retention

29% off 1-year plan | €7,49/mo | 4100 days retention

Our Best Cheap Usenet Picks

Newshosting 58% off 1-year plan + Free VPN | $8.33/mo 

When it comes to comparing quality to price, no other provider comes close to Newshosting.

Newshosting has some of the fastest speeds available on Usenet, with up to 100 connections and a well-established infrastructure that ensures rapid data transfer.

Moreover, they also come with the highest retention rate in the industry (5,000+), unlimited downloads, uncapped speeds, a free, pre-configured newsreader with search, and a free zero log VPN.

You can get started with Newshosting immediately by clicking here, which will let you sign up for a year’s worth of service at a 58% discount. That is only $8.33 per month.

Eweka 27% off 1-year plan | €6,99/mo

Eweka has been the best European Usenet provider for well over a decade, offering spooling retention, dedicated European servers, unlimited downloads, and remarkably fast transfer speeds.

The service includes up to 50 free SSL connections and a free newsreader with Usenet search.

If you sign up for Eweka’s 12 month plan through our link, you can save 27% for as long as you use the service. That’s a lifetime discount amounting to only €6,99 per month.

Easynews 67% off for the first 3 months and $29.94/mo after + Free VPN | $9.99/first 3 mo 

One of the most unique Usenet providers, Easynews sets itself apart by including not only a newsreader with search as part of their service, but having that newsreader be web-based. That means that you can access Usenet directly from your web browser and it is the only Usenet brand that can be used on mobile devices.

Beyond that benefit, you also get 5,000+ days of retention, 150 GB of monthly downloads, unlimited speed, 60 connections, and a free, zero log VPN.

Easynews offers what is by far the biggest discount at $9.99 for the first three months of service. That’s 67% off their regular price. You can sign up for Easynews today by clicking our link.

UsenetServer 60% off 1-year plan + Free VPN | $7.95/mo

UsenetServer tends to be the provider of choice for Usenet veterans who want a solid service for a good price. That isn’t to say that it is a “no-frills” service like some people describe it, only that it focuses on the features that users who have been around a while find most valuable.

Signing up with UsenetServer for 12 months will get you unlimited speeds and downloads, 20 SSL-secured connections, 5,000+ days of retention, and free, unlimited Usenet search. They also include a free zero log VPN and access to an enormous server network in both the US and the EU.

By signing up through Top10Usenet’s link, you’ll be able to get a 60% lifetime discount on a one year plan. That amounts to $7.95 per month for as long as you use the service.

Tweaknews 48% off 1-year plan + Free VPN | €6,67/mo | 4200 days retention

When it comes to European Usenet providers, Tweaknews is among the best there is. They not only offer a lot of value for the price, but have one of the most reliable networks in the world.

Signing up to Tweaknews gets you access to free VPN service, a free newsreader with integrated search feature, unlimited downloads, and unlimited speed. Since they’ve been around for decades, they have built a solid network infrastructure that hasn’t had any downtime in years.

You can easily sign up for a one year subscription to Tweaknews by clicking our link and save 48%. At €6,67 per month, you can’t beat this deal.

Sunny Usenet 20% off 1-year plan | €6,23/mo | 4100 days retention

Sunny Usenet is a budget provider, and possibly the best budget provider in Europe. They also have a unique incentive structure.

When you sign up to Sunny Usenet for their one year plan, you get unlimited data, SSL connections, and 4100 days of retention. What stands out is that, while the normal plan includes 20 connections, merely setting up auto renewal gives you an additional 20 connections, bringing the total to 40.

By signing up for an annual plan following our link, you’ll be able to get 20% off immediately and take advantage of double connections for setting up auto renew. At only €6,23 per month, that’s a fabulous deal.

Pure Usenet 20% off 1-year plan | €5,97/mo | 4100 days retention

Unlike other European providers, Pure Usenet stands out by not requiring a Dutch IP address in order to sign up. This means that users from other countries that want access to European servers and content can easily get it.

On top of just access, you also get unlimited speeds and data, SSL, and 20 connections.

You can start a 7-Day free trial, then get 20% off a one year plan by following our link, securing Usenet for only €5,97 per month.

XLned 29% off 1-year plan | €7,49/mo | 4100 days retention

XLned is probably the least feature-rich option on this list, but they do have some decent offerings and a good price.

Their highest plan allows users to download at 120 Mbit on 12 SSL connections. You get 4100 days of retention and access to all newsgroups. However, they say nothing about data limits and are, in general, not giving you a whole lot.

If you want to get 29% off a year of XLned, you can follow our link and sign up to their best plan, XL Gold, for only €7,49 per month.