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Want a Newsreader that’s Seriously Customizable? SABnzbd is What You Need

SABnzbd is one of the most popular client-side newsreaders favored by the Usenet community. Its reputation has been impeccable ever since its release. They have adapted well to the growing needs of the Usenet community by supporting all operating systems (Windows, macOS, and Linux).

This open-source Usenet browser allows its users to seamlessly integrate to a variety of apps. SABnzbd has a very active community that constantly works to upgrade the platform. Many have played with the restricted use of API keys and been able to implement creative solutions to automate download queues.

The only caveat is that there is a small learning curve involved to fully get accustomed to the user interface. However, that is only natural when considering the abundant number of features SABnzbd gives access to.

The best part? It’s all free.

Learn more about how to use SABnzbd.

SABnzbd: The Things We Like

There are lots of reasons to love SABnzbd Newsreader. It’s a free, highly compatible, and unique user experience platform to access your favorite Usenet servers. Many folks use SABnzbd in conjunction with third-party apps to automate download queues and RSS feeds processing.

SABnzbd is compatible with a wide range of devices and platforms. It runs on all major operating systems and even alternative platforms such as NAS devices (Synology, QNAP), Unix, and BSD.

Additionally, SABnzbd’s Glitter interface allows the Newsreader to be responsive to any screen size (mobile, tablet and desktop). That is to say, you can easily switch to your mobile devices (iOS or Android) and manage downloads on the go and at your convenience.

User Experience

When a Usenet server stores a file, it separates it into mini segments and creates an nzb file (which will indicate how to map it back together). This method is a Usenet signature that has proven to be very effective in terms of speed and reliability.

When choosing the wrong Newsreader, this process can get quite messy. Thankfully, SABnzbd verifies, moves, repairs, and unRARs these files, without the need for any intervention.

This is an outstanding user experience considering SABnzbd is open-source and totally free to use. Also, if you do encounter any questions or trouble, the platform has a resourceful user community that actively answers to queries.

Flexible Usenet Search Setup

To drill down to the right content, you will also need to find yourself a proper Usenet search tool, called an indexer. It is no doubt that Usenet has many indexers to choose from; some are public, some require registration, and some are accessible with invitation only. With the variety of features and content out there, figuring out how you want to search this vast platform can be difficult. Each indexer has a particular algorithm and organization of libraries that make the search returned unique.

Thankfully, with SABnzbd, you don’t need to pick between your favorites. In fact, it is actually recommended that you don’t stick to one single indexer. The reason being, indexer tend to be volatile and it is not uncommon to see one being taken down unexpectedly. That is why many users choose to set up their Usenet process using multiple Usenet search engines.

Many Newsreaders will limit the integrated search to one engine. However, SABnzbd’s API key allows you to configure multiple indexers at a time. This is a particularly useful step to creating a robust Usenet search setup.

What We Don't Like about SABnzbd

With great adaptability, comes slightly more complexity! SABnzbd is a great Usenet Newsreader but can take some time to set up according to your specifications. For people who are new to Usenet, it can take some time to familiarize yourself with the SABnzbd interface and learn how to configure add-ons.

There are many ways to fully automate your Usenet downloads. However, you will need to do your own research and look through the different projects the community has worked on and made available. If you don’t have a technical background, these can be hard to set up and you might prefer to use a native newsgroup reader such as Newshosting, Easynews, or UsenetServer.

Bottom Line

We highly recommend using SABnzbd. If you have a technical background or have prior experience with Usenet, you will find the flexibility of this platform very rewarding. If you have the time and patience to configure, there are many customization possibilities to automate the downloading process. We love how SABnzbd can process RSS feeds, deploy custom scripts, and alert users via mail or other applications.

Remember that SABnzbd has a big user community and there are many forums and guides that you can refer to for setup or general questions. It only takes a quick internet search to find a guide for installing SABnzbd, ideas to customization or answers to issues.

For a free and open-source Usenet Newsreader, SABbnzbd is highly functional and adaptable. We also like that the platform is available in 16 different languages. SABbnzbd is fast, secure, and popular for obvious reasons.

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How to Get Started with SABnzbd

It’s quite straightforward to setup SABnzbd. Use the setup wizard which guides the user through the installation process. You’ll enter your server details with information such as the host, username, and password. Check your email and there should be an email from your provider with login info.

Users can specify whether you want to connect with SSL and if you want to use an alternate port. You can also add NZBs manually and add additional news server addresses. SABnzbd allows users to use multiple news servers and Usenet providers. Go on the configuration menu to input more servers and prioritize them as you please.

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