Eweka Review

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Verdict: 4.7 out of 5

Ranked #4 out of 10 Usenet Providers

Eweka is a very popular Dutch-based Usenet provider among Usenet enthusiasts. Known for a high completion rate with excellent retention, Eweka has its own network backbone and server farm for speed, reliability, and security.  With fast downloads, 99%+ completion rates, and unlimited data usage, Eweka is a top contender for any user’s needs.

New to Usenet? Eweka is a top-rated European Usenet provider, offering powerful features that make it an ideal choice for anyone looking to access Usenet newsgroups.

Eweka Category Ratings

Retention 5/5
Performance 4.9/5
privacy-icon Privacy and Security 5/5
pricing-icon Pricing 4.3/5
Getting Started 5/5



Eweka Features

  • Most reliable EU network — Eweka is the best, most reliable, European Usenet provider with a highly developed network backbone and server platform.
  • Biggest European Usenet Archive  — Eweka has the most Usenet retention of any European provider with a 5524+ day archive for the most complete Usenet experience.
  • Plenty of Connections — Up to 50 SSL protected Usenet connections.
  • Unlimited Speeds and Downloads — Eweka has unlimited download speeds and no restrictions on how much you can download. Max out your Internet connection.
rating-icon Rating 4.7 out of 5
ranking-icon Overall Ranking #4 Usenet Provider
Retention 5/5
privacy-icon Security SSL and VPN
Discount 38% savings
pricing-icon Price €5,99/mo
search-icon Usenet Search? Yes, Newsreader with Search included for free.

To learn more about Eweka and its service, check out our in-depth review below or click here to go to their website.


Retention Start Date August 15, 2008
Retention Length 5524+ Days
binary-icon Binary and Text Retention Access to over 120,000 newsgroups.

Eweka has a larger retention archive than any other European provider, 5524 days of binary retention, continually adding retention and capturing all the posts added to Usenet every day.  So each passing day adds another day to the archive.


Eweka is the gold standard of Usenet services. They list completion rate at 99.99%, but we experienced 100% completion during testing. Completion is the ratio of posts available to access from a given provider’s servers versus the total number of posts on Usenet. We were super impressed with Eweka’s completion rates. It’s pretty clear that Eweka has the most complete Usenet archive available.

Speeds are fantastic. We easily saturated our 1 Gbps fiber connection when connecting to Eweka’s servers. Eweka has many Dutch subscribers who have super fast Internet plans and they demand their Usenet providers keep up. Eweka really delivers on this metric. If you have paid for a high speed Internet connection and want to maximize it, Eweka is the service for you.

Eweka works with any of the available newsreaders on the market. If you are new to Usenet, Eweka’s technical support will help you configure your newsreader software and troubleshoot.

Included Newsreader Software

Eweka doesn’t come with proprietary newsreader software like other Usenet providers. Users are given free access to Newslazer, a powerful, easy to use newsreader.  

Eweka’s included newsreader has the following features:

  • Eweka edition of Newslazer is preconfigured so it’s easy to get started
  • Streamlined Usenet search engine built-in
  • Monitor search results and set up automated downloads
  • Intuitive UI makes using Eweka simple
  • Available for Mac, Windows, and Linux

Privacy and Security

Eweka includes SSL encryption with all of its plans. Eweka also protects your personal data in its wholly owned data center in the Netherlands which is covered by some of the best consumer privacy laws in the world.


Eweka offers three plans, two prepaid and one subscription. 

The first prepaid plan offers a maximum of 200 Mbit/s and the second offers an excellent 300 Mbit/s. 

Eweka’s  subscription plan offers unlimited speeds; downloads are not capped by Eweka so your data travels at the speed of your Internet connection.

Eweka’s prices are very competitive. The 200 Mbit plan is € 7,50 per month and the 300 Mbit plan is € 9,60 per month.

Sign up for Eweka with this link and get the 300 Mbit plan for only €7,50 per month. Sign up for a year of unlimited speed and data (as well as up to 50 connections) for only € 5,99 per month, a 38% discount.

Bottom Line

For European Usenet access, Eweka is our top recommendation.  It is the most complete service available with the highest retention, plus unlimited speeds at the right price.  Eweka hits the sweet spot of service quality, reliability, good tech support, and value.

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