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Best Free Usenet Trials for June 2024

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Best Usenet Provider

Unlimited high-speed downloads with the most binary and text retention in the industry.

Best Usenet Providers - Top10Usenet

Editor’s Choice


Dedicated European servers, unlimited downloads, and the best binary and text retention.


Premium Usenet Provider that easily integrates with any newsreader.


Access Usenet anywhere with Easynews Web Search or configure on your newsreader.


European Usenet provider with a strong reputation for privacy and fast download speeds.

Newshosting has the best free Usenet trial. For all our top free Usenet picks, keep reading.

Usenet is not a free service, but you can try it for free. A subscription to a Usenet provider is required to keep Usenet fast and ad-free. The top Usenet providers all offer generous free trials to test their services before committing.  

Look at the overall best Usenet providers.

Why Get a Usenet Free Trial?

All Usenet providers are not the same.  They have different service levels. During your Usenet free trial, here is what to look for to see if the Usenet provider is worth your subscription:

  • Retention: How big is the provider’s Usenet archive. The bigger the retention, the more successful your searches will be.
  • Completion: The actual number of Usenet articles available in a usenet provider’s archive compared to the maximum number of articles that were uploaded to Usenet.
  • Speed: Can the provider’s network keep up with your demands.
  • Customer support: How responsive is the provider to queries and issues.
  • Added Features: Such as included newsreader software and VPN to test for free and see if they enhance your Usenet experience.
New to Usenet? It can be a challenge to test all these important parts of a Usenet service before subscribing. Top10 Usenet has done a lot of the heavy lifting for you around testing retention, completion and customer support. Speeds vary from user to user so the free trial will help you determine the best provider for you.

Money Back Guarantees

Top10Usenet has worked with the following companies to arrange special deals for our readers. In most cases those require that users forgo a “free trial” period with limited functionality.

However, all of our deals include a 30 day money back guarantee. This will give users the opportunity to try the service fully without any risk and cancel for a full refund if they aren’t happy with it. We feel this is a better way of getting a complete understanding of a Usenet provider and what they are capable of.

With a 30 day money back guarantee, users can try the complete service without any restrictions on speed, downloads, or connections, leading to a better, more accurate subscription experience.

The Top 5 Usenet Free Trials

Editor's Choice


Duration: 30 Day Money back Guarantee
Download Limit: Unlimited
Discount: 70% Off Annual Plan

Why Newshosting Offers the Best Usenet Free Trial

Newshosting is our top recommended Usenet provider and also has the best free trial offer. Sign up for Newshosting through the Top10Usenet link, for 70% off 12 months of service and receive an additional 3 months for free. The service includes:

New to Usenet? You can’t go wrong with Newshosting. It has everything you need to maximize your Usenet subscription.


Get our exclusive Top10Usenet discount deal with this link.

Eweka Usenet Provider Logo


Duration:30 Day Money back Guarantee
Download Limit:Unlimited
Discount:38% Off Annual Plan

Why we like Eweka

Eweka service is the best European Usenet provider. See our full Eweka review here. Sign up for our exclusive discount offer by clicking this link and save 38% off their best plan. You’ll have Europe’s best Usenet provider for only €5,99 per month. Eweka Service includes:

Eweka’s biggest drawback is that prices are in Euros, which can be slightly more expensive than dollars. But because they have such good completion rates and dedicated European servers, it’s worth the exchange rate.


Get our exclusive Top10Usenet discount deal with this link.


Duration:30 Day Money back Guarantee
Download Limit:Unlimited
Discount:75% Off Annual Plan

Why we like Easynews

Easynews is a unique Usenet provider. See our full Easynews review. Users can browse newsgroups, download, and even preview video directly in their web browser from desktop, mobile, or console.

If you sign up for Easynews through Top10Usenet you get 75% off an annual account with a 30 day money back guarantee. Easynews Features:

With Easynews you don’t need any additional software. It is the only Usenet provider with a web-based Usenet search tool that previews and downloads articles from any device. It is our #1 rated Usenet search tool.


Easynews also comes with traditional Usenet servers that can be added to your current newsreader software setup and integrated with automation and other third party tools.


Get our exclusive Top10Usenet discount deal with this link.


Duration:30 Day Money back Guarantee
Download Limit:Unlimited
Discount:70% Off Annual Plan

Why we like UsenetServer

UsenetServer is one of our top recommended Usenet providers. It’s been around for more than 20 years and is trusted by Usenet power users.


Sign up for UsenetServer and save 70% on 12 months with three months free with the Top10Usenet link. That’s only $5.99 per month, and comes with a 30 day money back guarantee. UsenetServer plans come with:

UsenetServer has some of the fastest speeds and best completion rates. They have a great search feature called Global Search. But the true power of UsenetServer is that it pairs well with automation through popular Usenet clients like SABnzbd and NZBGet.


Get our exclusive Top10Usenet discount deal with this link.


Duration:30 Day Money back Guarantee
Download Limit:Unlimited
Discount:49% Off Annual Plan

Why we like Tweaknews

Tweaknews is the oldest European Usenet provider and one of our top Usenet choices. See our full Tweaknews review. It has amazing value and is more reliable than most other providers we’ve tested.


For the most value, get the Ultimate + VPN plan for 12 months for only €6,67 per month (a 49% savings) when you click here for the best deal. Tweaknews customers get:

Tweaknews doesn’t have as large a retention rate as our top European choice, Eweka, but at 4,200 days, it is still over 11 years and has excellent completion. Tweaknews is a great secondary server for those looking to add redundancy to their set-up.


Get our exclusive Top10Usenet discount deal with this link.

Bottom Line

These are the best services that you can use risk-free. Try Newshosting, our top pick, for 30 days and see for yourself why we rated it #1.

Get started today with any of these great options by following the links above.

What Makes a Good Usenet Free Trial?

Large Download Allotment

The right free Usenet trial has a large download cap or no cap at all. It’s not uncommon for some free trials to have download limits, rather than caps. The difference is that a cap stops you from downloading when you reach it. A limit often moves you automatically to a paid version from the Usenet trial when you exceed your limit.

With the providers above, you get a full month of free Usenet access with no download limits, no speed caps, and no risk.

Long Free Trial Duration

All of the free Usenet trials we’ve chosen offer at least one week of free service. In our opinion, one week is more than enough time to download, test, and configure a free Usenet provider to your exact needs.

For a more complete understanding of these Usenet services, we recommend signing up through our special deal links above and taking advantage of the included 30 day money back guarantees. That will give you a full 30 days to try the Usenet service without the data and speed restrictions that some providers have with free trials.

Easy to Cancel

Every provider in our Top 5 Free Usenet Trial list is reputable, with a large customer base and responsive support. You won’t find any hard sales tactics or confusing procedures if you want to cancel your free Usenet trial.

Top 3 Providers

Editor’s Choice for Best Usenet Provider.
Save 70%

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Fastest speeds for Usenet power users.
Save 70%

Best Usenet Search and best for new users.
Save 75%