Tweaknews Review

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Verdict: 4.2 out of 5

Tweaknews has been serving the Usenet community since 1998 with a reputation for privacy and dependability. In fact, it’s the oldest continually running Usenet provider in Europe. 

Here’s a closer look at Tweaknews.

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UsenetServer Category Ratings

Retention 4/5
Performance 4/5
privacy-icon Privacy and Security 5/5
pricing-icon Pricing 4/5
Getting Started 4/5



Tweaknews Features

  • Unlimited Downloads – Tweaknews subscription plans have unlimited Usenet access, so they won’t run into data caps while downloading.
  • Uncapped Speeds – Usenet as fast as your Internet connection! Tweaknews doesn’t cap or throttle user connection speeds.
  • Free VPN Included – All Tweaknews connections have the option of SSL protection. Premium VPN access included so all Internet activity at home or on the go stays safe, not just Usenet.
rating-icon Rating 4.2 out of 5
Retention 4,200 Days in all binary and text newsgroups
privacy-icon Security SSL and VPN
Discount 49% savings
pricing-icon Price €6,67/mo
search-icon Usenet Search? Yes, Newsreader with Search included for free.


Retention Length 4,200 Days
binary-icon Binary and Text Retention Full access to over 120,000 newsgroups.

TweakNews stands out as a prominent European Usenet provider, boasting an independent Usenet backbone that powers its services. With an impressive retention period of 4,200 days for both binary and text files, TweakNews ensures users have access to an extensive archive of articles. This remarkable retention is made possible by pulling data directly from its European server farms.


One of the notable advantages of TweakNews is its exceptional completion rates, guaranteeing a comprehensive Usenet experience. While it shines as a standalone service, TweakNews is also an excellent complement to our highly acclaimed Usenet provider, Newshosting. Users enhance their Usenet experience and benefit from the combined strengths of both services by incorporating TweakNews as a secondary provider.


TweakNews excels in providing users with a reliable and efficient Usenet experience. With its robust infrastructure, extensive retention period, and impressive completion rates, TweakNews is a top-tier choice for those seeking a dependable European Usenet provider.


To thoroughly evaluate the speed capabilities of TweakNews, we conducted extensive testing using a Google Fiber connection, renowned for its exceptional speed. This allowed us to gauge the performance of TweakNews accurately, as any limitations experienced would solely be attributed to its connection.


Remarkably, we encountered no speed issues during our testing phase. Utilizing TweakNews’ Ultimate plan, our downloads over a five-day period averaged an impressive 125 Mbps. 


TweakNews demonstrated its capability to deliver reliable and swift downloads. Users can expect consistently smooth and efficient performance. Although there may be slightly faster alternatives available, TweakNews holds its ground as a provider that offers satisfying download speeds.

Included Newsreader Software

Users are provided with a complimentary copy of UsenetWire included with their TweakNews accounts, which is newsreader software that strikes a balance between being lightweight and robust.

UsenetWire, when paired with TweakNews, offers an array of impressive features designed to enhance the Usenet experience:

  • Tweaknews Configuration: UsenetWire comes preconfigured to seamlessly integrate with TweakNews, ensuring quick and effortless access to the service.
  • Bookmarking Functionality: Users can conveniently bookmark their favorite newsgroups and posts, facilitating easy navigation and swift access to preferred content.
  • Advanced Search and Preview: UsenetWire allows users to search for specific posts and preview them before initiating downloads. This feature empowers users to make informed decisions regarding the content they choose to download.
  • Automated Downloads and Search Monitoring: With UsenetWire, users can monitor search results and establish automatic downloads for a hands-free approach to downloading.
  • NZB Import Support: UsenetWire provides seamless support for importing NZB files.

Privacy and Security

TweakNews offers SSL encryption as a basic feature across all its plans, ensuring a secure and private Usenet connection. SSL, the globally recognized standard for secure Internet transactions, guarantees your downloads remain confidential and protected.

In terms of jurisdiction, TweakNews operates as a Dutch company with an EU domain. This legal framework, combined with SSL encryption, solidifies TweakNews as a secure Usenet provider.

It is worth noting that while Usenet downloads are encrypted when SSL is enabled in your newsreader, other activities such as accessing NZB index sites are potentially visible to your Internet Service Provider (ISP). To ensure comprehensive online privacy, it is crucial to utilize a VPN service when browsing the Internet. The good news is that TweakNews’ best plan offers a complimentary subscription to PrivadoVPN, a Swiss-based VPN service.

PrivadoVPN distinguishes itself as a no-log VPN service, prioritizing user privacy and security. In addition to the VPN functionality, PrivadoVPN includes an array of exciting features such as an ad blocker, secure DNS servers, a Kill Switch, and robust threat protection.


Tweaknews offers three plans: Fast for € 7,95 per month, Lightning for € 9,95 per month, and Ultimate + VPN for € 9,07. The last plan is the only one that offers unlimited speeds and up to 60 connections.

Sign up through our exclusive link and get 1 month or Ultimate + VPN 12 Months. The 1 Month plan costs €8,99 per month and a year of Ultimate + VPN 12 Months costs €108,84 (€6,67 per month). Both come with unlimited speeds and downloads as well as a free VPN.

Bottom Line

Tweaknews is the real Usenet deal. An independent, solidly performing Usenet European Usenet provider. It’s gimmick-free and delivers for an affordable price. After extensive testing, we can confidently say that Tweaknews is more than worthy of its reputation for privacy and dependability. We recommend it!

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