Protect Your Privacy with Frugal Usenet

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Verdict: 4 out of 5

Looking for a budget-friendly Usenet provider? Frugal Usenet offers exceptional value with its affordable plans and impressive retention rates. Discover why Frugal Usenet is the perfect choice for cost-conscious users seeking extensive Usenet access.. But don’t be fooled by the low price tag. This provider is a strong alternative for users seeking full retention to historical news articles and discussions.

Frugal Usenet presents an economical choice with its two unlimited plans. It has 2,600 days of full retention on all binary and text newsgroups backed by the Omicron backbone, which will cover a lot of searches. There is also a European bonus server powered by UsenetFarm with restricted retention. If you want additional retention, their annual plans include a 300GB Blocknews account.

Frugal Usenet Category Ratings

Retention 4/5
Performance 5/5
privacy-iconpng Privacy and Security 3/5
pricing-iconpng Pricing 4/5
Getting Started 4/5



Why Choose Frugal Usenet?

Frugal Usenet lives up to its name, offering a budget-friendly way to access Usenet’s vast archive. But don’t be fooled by the low price tag. This provider is a strong alternative for users seeking full retention to historical news articles and discussions.

Top Features of Frugal Usenet

  • Unmatched retention — 2,600 days retention with full access to the Omicron backbone, and 5,645 days via BlockNews block account (annual plan).
  • Budget-friendly — Starting at just $5 per month.
  • Reliable performance 1 US + 1 EU server, plus bonus EU server for redundancy.
  • Basic securitySSL encryption included, but no VPN.
rating-iconpng Rating 4 out of 5
Retention 2,600 days in all binary and text newsgroups
privacy-iconpng Security SSL
Discount 16.5% savings
pricing-iconpng Price $5.00/mo
search-iconpng Usenet Search? No


Retention Length 2,600 Days
binary-iconpng Binary and Text Retention Access to over 120,000 newsgroups.

Frugal Usenet’s value is in its unique retention offering. Frugal’s main server gives access to the complete Usenet archive stretching back a staggering 2,600 days. The bonus server has a retention rate of 3,000+ days and its annual plan includes a 300 GB block from BlockNews, which improves the retention to 5,645+ days.

Partnering with an established Usenet backbone and including the block account through Blocknews is an excellent way to achieve deep retention, but it does create a more complicated setup.


Frugal Usenet delivers reliable performance with 1 US and 1 EU server. To further enhance completion rates, they include a bonus EU server on a different platform. While not a traditional feature, this “gimmick” proves effective in our testing, boosting download success.

The “bonus server” (as they call it) is both fast and reliable if our testing is to be trusted. We tested it both as a standalone server and in conjunction with their US and EU servers using SABnzbd and changing server priorities; in both cases, connections were perfectly fine.

Privacy and Security

Security is addressed through standard SSL encryption, protecting your data from prying eyes. However, Frugal Usenet lacks a VPN, which may be a concern for privacy-focused users.


Frugal Usenet’s pricing structure is undeniably its most attractive feature. They offer some of the lowest prices in the Usenet market, making their service a budget-friendly option for users seeking access to Usenet newsgroups without breaking the bank. For cost conscious users who already have their own newsreader configured and have VPN service, Frugal Usenet’s affordability might be a key selling point.

Those low prices come at the expense of additional features, including lack of newsreader software with search and VPN, but if your primary concern is cost, the service is absolutely up to standard. Users who require a more comprehensive Usenet experience with a range of features and services should look elsewhere.  It’s no-frills for a reason.

Bottom Line

If you’re looking for an economical Usenet provider with exceptional retention, Frugal Usenet is the answer. With budget-friendly plans and robust performance, Frugal Usenet offers unbeatable value for those who prioritize affordability and access to historical Usenet content.

However, users seeking a comprehensive service with features like a VPN and newsreader might need to look elsewhere.

Overall, Frugal Usenet is a strong choice for users who prioritize value and complete retention above all else.

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