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EasyNews Review

  • Web browser interface
  • Downloading not required to open files
  • User-friendly
  • May feel too simplified for Usenet experts
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EasyNews Overview

Many may be unfamiliar with EasyNews, so we want to be clear up front: EasyNews is different from the general class of news service providers. This is because EasyNews is a unique solution with a web browser interface. While you can use EasyNews with a third party newsreader, we will focus our review on the web interface. Does EasyNews live up to its name? Here’s what we discovered in our EasyNews review.


One of the interesting components of the EasyNews experience is the fact that you don’t always need to download files from EasyNews. You can interact with all kinds of media files right in your browser. When you do download however, it should be a pleasant experience.

One of EasyNews’ best features is a technology called NTTP header compression. This compresses article headers so that they download faster—up to 100 times faster. Using a Google Fiber connection, we put EasyNews to the test. Our high speed connection meant that any bottlenecks or slowdowns we might have experienced when testing were almost certainly not coming from our end. Having said that, we did not hit any bottlenecks. Our average download speed on the EasyNews web interface hovered between 14 Mbps and 15 Mbps over a three day period. To put it simply, EasyNews passed our speed test with flying colors.

Privacy and Security

Privacy and security is an fundamental part of Usenet, so any proper review of a service provider must include an assessment of their approach to privacy. EasyNews supports SSL for browsing and downloading. Additionally, their privacy policy states that they do not monitor or log downloads, and they explicitly note that this includes both NTTP logs and HTTP logs. Their privacy policy is surprisingly easy to read, so we recommend that you give it a once-over.

Like many higher-end news services, EasyNews offers VPN functionality. The VPN is included in some of the more extensive plans, and it is offered as an add-on for others. If you are serious about privacy, a VPN is a very good idea.

If you plan to be post a lot data through EasyNews, you’ll be glad to know that they remove X-headers, which is necessary in order to allow you to post anonymously. Overall, EasyNews gets high marks for privacy.

Retention and Completion

Retention is a strong suit for EasyNews. Currently, it has 3,022 days of retention for web-based files. This retention is rolling, meaning with each passing day it keeps growing. You can find a ton of files in 8-plus year worth of data.

Since EasyNews takes the time to pre-convert many of the files you want to download, we were not surprised to get a 100% completion rate during our tests. For the record, though, EasyNews officially stops just short of 100%, claiming only a modest 99%+ completion rate.

Getting Started

Getting started with Usenet can be a daunting task. Most users who take the time to get the hang of using a modern newsreader find it is no more complicated than a typical email client. That said, some may prefer to stick with what they know. EasyNews is perfect for new users because it allows you to use your familiar web browser to access Usenet.

If you decide to sign up for EasyNews, you’ll login and then be redirected to a basic search interface. Here, you can search for what you’re looking for and specify whether it is a video, audio or image file. Once you find what you’re looking for, you can double click it to open it, playing immediately in your browser. Simple, right?

The reason it’s so easy to use is because the service does all of the hard work behind the scenes. For example, EasyNews has a highly sophisticated search capability, so you can easily search across all available newsgroups for what you want rather than downloading lists of groups and searching group by group.

Similarly, you can generally skip the steps of downloading and converting the component RAR and PAR files of the content you are looking for because EasyNews proactively converts those files into their final format for you.

We’ve covered the basics in this EasyNews Review, but you can dig a little deeper if you’d like. EasyNews allows you to customize numerous aspects of the interface, such as the search parameters, the way search results are displayed, the way indexes for browsing are displayed, and how you handle multiple and queued files for download.


If the user-friendly nature of EasyNews suits you, you’ll note that the plan options listed on the EasyNews site run from $9.98 per month up to $29.94 per month. You don’t need to pay the list price, though. Take advantage of discounted pricing during promotions.

Bottom Line

EasyNews, to put it simply, is easy. If the user-friendliness of a service is your top priority, look no further than this aptly-named provider. If nothing else, it serves as a great introduction to all that Usenet has to offer, at a solid price. Can’t decide if you want to sign up? Start a free trial and test the service for yourself.
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