Best Usenet Block Accounts

best usenet block accounts

When you’re using Usenet, you don’t always need to have an unlimited account in order to get the most out of your subscription. In fact, in some cases you might only need a few gigabytes a month. Whether you’re trying to have a provider in another region, want to save some money, don’t use Usenet much, or just want to make sure that you get access to every post, getting a block account can be incredibly helpful.

These are our favorite block accounts and why you should get them.


Tweaknews is one of our favorite Usenet providers in general. They are the oldest continually operated EU provider and have an incredible network with consistently fast, stable connections.

While their subscription offerings are all good, their block accounts really do shine as far as value for what you’re getting. Their smallest block plan provides 10GB of data transfer for only € 2,00, and for € 5,00 more (€ 7,00 total), you can get five times that amount. Tweaknews also offers a 100GB, 250GB, and 500GB block for € 13,00, € 30,00, and € 45,00 respectively. 

All of their block accounts provide a speed of 100 Mbit, which is among the fastest for this kind of account, and all of their connections are protected by SSL security.

You honestly can’t go wrong with Tweaknews if you’re looking for a high quality European provider.


While not as popular as Tweaknews, Astraweb has a lot going for it.

As a US-based provider, their servers are remarkably fast for users there, but European users will still find excellent speeds on an Astraweb block.

This provider has three blocks, starting at 25GB for $10, then 180GB for $25, and 1000GB for $50. All block plans come with unlimited download speeds and up to 50 connections, so you’ll be sure to have a fast, stable Usenet when you are on the Astraweb servers.

Even though they aren’t as popular a provider as some others, Astraweb is fantastic and we highly recommend them.


NewsgroupDirect is a US-based provider that makes a space for itself by having good prices for their blocks, starting at 50GB for only $5, then going through five more levels of 100GB for $7, 250GB for $10, 500GB for $15, 1000GB for $30, and 2000GB for only $45.

While these are spectacular on their own, there are some drawbacks. Speeds are not fantastic on NewsgroupDirect, and they don’t advertise how many connections their block accounts allow, so it’s impossible to tell how stable or fast your connection could potentially be.

Further, they only have 3,500 days of retention, over 1,000 fewer days than Tweaknews. However, if you want a simple account for very little money, then NewsgroupDirect might be the provider for you.


Vipernews has a good set of block accounts for people who anticipate large transfers over a long period of time. They only offer three block accounts starting at $14.99 for 500GB, and including $24.99 for 1000GB, and $44.99 for 2000GB. However, for larger block needs, the prices aren’t terrible.

It’s also positive that they offer unlimited speeds on all of their blocks, as well as up to 40 connections. This makes for decently fast downloads.

We are somewhat disappointed that they only offer a 7 day trial on their unlimited plans, which is not enough time to evaluate a provider and make an informed decision. Of course, their block accounts have no trial.

Further, there is no retention rate listed on their page. If the purpose of getting a block account is to fill in missing articles from other providers, unless they have a comparable retention, then it’s a waste of money. We think they work well, but are disappointed that they hide that information.


Even though they only offer one block account, we would say that UsenetExpress at least provides a decent offer.

For only $20 you can buy a 500GB block from UsenetExpress. You can get up to 50 SSL connections and it includes a number of payment methods including credit card, PayPal, Bitcoin, and more.

Where they start to fall apart is in their retention, which is only 1100 days for binary and 3000 days for text. They are a fairly new provider, so it’s not entirely surprising that they have a pretty small spool. They’ve also worked out deals with larger providers to get access to more content. That being said, it’s not great if you’re trying to supplement a main account.

Bottom Line

There are plenty of great providers out there who offer excellent block accounts. Look for ones that give you the speed, retention, and reliability that you need to get the most out of your Usenet.



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