Best Usenet Services for 2022

Compare the best Usenet Providers based on retention, performance, reliability, addons, pricing and support. Let us help you find the best Usenet provider.

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964 Ratings

Unlimited high-speed downloads with the most binary and text retention in the industry.

  • Fastest download speeds & the most reliable network
  • Most successful searches with the highest retention
  • Comes with pre-configured, easy to use newsreader

#1 Rated Provider


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586 Ratings

Provides premium Usenet access that easily integrates with any newsreader. Secure downloads with 5033 days of full retention.

  • Highly rated for network performance
  • Private and secure connections
  • Unlimited downloads with no hidden fees



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482 Ratings

A rare combination of new and old. Configure Easynews servers with your favorite newsreader or simplify things with their web search that works on any device.

  • High ratings for having the best Usenet search tool
  • Easy-to-use web search that lets you access Usenet through a web browser
  • Secure high-speed downloads with 5033 days of complete retention across all 210,000+ newsgroups



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892 Ratings

Rated #1 Usenet provider of 2022 with access to the best binary and text retention. Dedicated European servers with unlimited downloads.

  • Highest rated European provider by independent testers
  • Dedicated European servers with the most complete binary and text retention of any other provider
  • Unlimited downloads with the fastest transfer speeds



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624 Ratings

European Usenet provider with a strong reputation for privacy and fast download speeds. Offering 4,200 days of binary and text retention.

  • Highly rated for their dedicated European servers
  • Unlimited downloads with up 60 SSL secured connections
  • High retention with access to 4,200 days of Usenet articles and text discussions



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Editor's Picks for May 2022

60% Off

Customers are saying

Great service and an excellent newsreader. 4000+ days retention? Incredible.

  • Great retention with full access to over 5033 days
  • Free newsreader software included with all plans
  • Private & secure Usenet with up to 100 SSL connections
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Customers are saying

No Usenet provider has better retention or speed than Eweka.

  • Best European Usenet Provider
  • Unlimited downloads included on all plans
  • Almost 13 years of retention with 99.5% completion rates
67% Off

Customers are saying

Tweaknews gives me exactly as much data as I need and is always really fast.

  • Up to 60 ultra-secure SSL connections
  • Best plan includes unlimited speeds & free Zero-Log VPN subscription
  • Secure & private Usenet from the most reliable Usenet backbone

How We Choose the Best Usenet Providers

In this article, you’ll learn about the Top 5 Usenet services available today, and get a better understanding of what goes into selecting the best Usenet provider for you. 

  • Retention - All of our top rated providers offer the highest retention levels and store posted content for more than 10 years with full access to all newsgroups.
  • Completion - Retention is only a value if the provider retains all the posts during their retention period. All of our choices store the entire Usenet archive; every Usenet post on every newsgroup is stored for the full retention period.
  • Network Performance - When rating a top Usenet provider we evaluate speed performance and the quality of the network. Our favorite Usenet services have direct access to all the last mile internet service provider networks.
  • Unlimited Downloads - Our team here at Top10 Usenet are heavy downloaders and power users. This is why we value the Usenet services that don’t set download limits or monthly restrictions.
  • Support - We expect every top provider to offer 24/7 support with actual people standing by to answer questions in a professional and timely manner.
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