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Disclaimer – Prices may change frequently and despite our best efforts it is possible that some may be out of date. Please visit the provider’s official website for exact pricing.

Sunny Usenet Overview

Sunny Usenet is an affordable European Usenet provider that offers a variety of service packages to fit your needs and your budget. With such low prices, users might think Sunny Usenet can’t measure up against its competitors. We found that wasn’t necessarily the case. We put price, performance, security, and service to the test in our official Sunny Usenet review.

Why We Recommend Sunny Usenet

1.) Price

Sunny Usenet offers the lowest prices of the top providers that we’ve reviewed. You can purchase Usenet access for as little as €3,03 a month on the Sunny 20 plan. Even the top-tier, unlimited speed and unlimited download package is very affordable, costing you €6,23 a month on an annual plan. You’ll save money by purchasing the annual plan, but Sunny Usenet offers flexibility with monthly plans.

Sunny Usenet provides many levels of service

2.) Performance

4,100 Days Retention

Sunny Usenet currently offers more than 4,100 days of retention. Compare that to 4,200 days of retention with Tweaknews and 5787 days of retention with Eweka. Keep in mind that Sunny Usenet is the most affordable of these three European providers. You still receive a respectable number of days of retention at a comfortably discounted price.

40 Connections

Sunny Usenet offers between 10 and 40 connections, depending on your chosen level of service. The variety of packages makes Sunny Usenet accessible and versatile: pay for exactly the level of service you need.

One more thing: If you enable autorenew with your subscription, you’ll receive an additional 20 connections for free. That’s double the number of connections on the unlimited package, and more than double on the others. Enabling autorenew is also the only way to receive a 7-day free trial.

Unlimited Download Speed

Depending on the package you select, you’ll receive download speeds of 20 Mbps, 60 Mbps, or Unlimited Mbps from Sunny Usenet. The most price-conscious customers can still download at a reasonable 20 Megabits per second. If you know your Internet download speed is limited, you can save money by choosing the Sunny 20 or Sunny 60 plans.

When we tested the Unlimited package for our Sunny Usenet review, we used the fastest Internet available: Google Fiber. During our tests, we regularly recorded very high download speeds, with no interruptions. Sunny Usenet performed consistently over a period of 5 days and at different times of the day. For a low-cost Usenet provider, Sunny Usenet still provides customers with great download speeds.

No Download Limits

There are no download limits for any of Sunny Usenet’s packages. Even though you might select a plan with a download speed cap (either 20 or 60 Mbps), you’ll never face a download limit. All Sunny Usenet plans have NO gigabit allotment.

Unlimited downloads at every service level is one factor that makes Sunny Usenet stand out from the rest of the competition at this price point.

3.) Security

SSL Encryption Available

Sunny Usenet passes our review standards with free SSL connections on all packages. By encrypting the data at both your end and at the server’s end, you can be sure your activity is private.

The company privacy policy states, „We do not monitor where you post, what you download or what you put in news articles that you post.“ Safety and security is a top concern of most customers, and Sunny Usenet passes the test in this regard.

Things We Like Less About Sunny Usenet

Other Providers Offer More Retention

As we explained above, Sunny Usenet does not offer as much retention as Eweka, for example. Check out our full review of Eweka if you value 5787 days of retention over 4,100.

For the price, however, 4,100 days of retention is respectable; that’s still over 8 years of retention. With those 8+ years of retention, Sunny Usenet reports a completion rate of 99%. In our tests, we experienced 100% completion rate. So despite not having industry-leading retention, Sunny Usenet still provides customers with high retention, high completion rates, and an excellent Usenet provider experience.

Sunny Usenet does not have its own Newsreader

If you value a provider that includes their own Newsreader with your purchase, you might consider Tweaknews – which includes Usenet Wire – or Eweka – which includes Newslazer. Even though Sunny Usenet does not come with its own newsreader, you’ll still receive clear directions on how to set up your connections.

Still, Sunny Usenet makes newsreader setup easy. Upon purchase of your Sunny Usenet plan, you’ll be provided with your username, password, number of connections, and port information. If you need assistance, just login to your account and click “My Sunny.” There you can access the Configurator, which provides screenshots and instructions for setup on Alt.binz, Grabit, Newsbin Pro, Newleecher, SABNzbd, Spotnet, Spotgrit, and Unison. In our experience, Sunny Usenet has always excelled in customer service and support.

VPN Not Included

If you want to ensure the highest level of safety and security, you should use a VPN. One downside of Sunny Usenet relative to other Usenet providers is that no plans come with a free VPN. Still, you can use the VPN of your choice and expect top performance from your Sunny Usenet package.

Check out Tweaknews for a European provider that does include a free, no-log VPN with the Ultimate + VPN package.

Bottom Line

Sunny Usenet is a low-cost Usenet provider with respectable retention, unlimited download speed, and no gigabit allotment. If you want access to a European provider – even if you don’t have a European IP address – then Sunny Usenet provides great value for money.

How to Get Started with Sunny Usenet

You can start using Sunny Usenet with a 7-day free trial by clicking here.