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Newsbin Review by Top10Usenet.

Newsbin Overview

Newsreaders are your portal to Usenet servers. They allow you to interact with Usenet, everything from searching, to downloading and saving your favorite content. Hence, choosing the right Newsreader is a vital part of your Usenet journey. These browsers vary highly in terms of features and accessibility. Some come with your provider’s subscription, some have a price tag and some are absolutely free.

Newsbin is one of the most well-known and fan-favorite Newsreaders. It is one of the oldest browsers available and has undergone years of development and refinement. It is perhaps one of the most robust and all-inclusive solutions that is available. Experienced users will vouch for this platform to those wanting to get most out of their USENET subscription with minimal effort.

Newsbin: The Things We Like


Newsbin goes through multiple performance-enhancing updates to always keep its software at its top shape. It is one of the fastest Newsreaders that you can trust to easy max the download speed provided by your Usenet servers.

User Interface

Like many of the features of Newsbin’s, the user interface is one of the items that has faced many iterations over the years. Every release, Newsbin’s developers look into optimizing the appearance, intuitiveness, and usability. While Usenet is an antique protocol, you can be sure that your experience will be anything but.

The software provides several views if you are unsatisfied with the default view. Newsbin knows that its users have preferred functionalities and that they all have unique ways of interacting with its endless features. Hence, they have ensured that their interface is highly customizable to the user’s preference. The highly customizable interface will allow you to have your functionality.


Given Newsbin’s lifetime, it has garnered a very large user base. The Newsbin community is not only large but also very active on forums. You will find users to regularly posts questions and actively seek creative ways to maximize Newsbin’s capacity.


If you are still wondering why we are looking at a price tag for a Newsreader, perhaps these exclusive features will change your mind.

Newsbin has a duplicate detection functionality that allows detecting of a duplicate file being download. This allows you to save time, space and downloading resources.

Furthermore, Newsbin incorporated a tool that allows you to check the completion rate of a file before you download it. Even though it is rarely the case from most providers, it is still possible to encounter that one article that will fail to download through. Accessing this feature is as easy as right-clicking of the file prior to downloading it.

The pro version offers an even wider range of features including image previewer, RAR processing, and automated header updating. However, what makes the pro version indispensable for some is their built-in multiple server support. This means that you can download from many servers simultaneously, whether they are located in the US or the EU.

Newsbin is also one of the few to offer TSL encryption grade. This is the evolution of SSL encryption that you may be familiar with. To take advantage of this security feature, you should first ensure that your provider enables it.

What We Don't Like about Newsbin


As you would have guessed, Newsbin does come with a price tag. For $30, you will have access to the software as well as all the subsequent updates.

With the many popular free Newsreaders at your fingertips, you may wonder why you would want to invest any more penny on a browser. But taking into consideration the exclusive features mentioned above, Newsbin provides a service unlike any other Newsreaders.

Operating System Compatibility

A large caveat of Newsbin is the fact that it does not support any other operating system but Windows. If you are running your computer on Mac or Linux, this is unfortunately not the software for you.

Also, with the many robust free Newsreaders available on the market for different operating systems, customers may find it unnecessary to invest in Newsbin. This solution is definitely not meant for someone who is looking beyond the basic functionalities of a Newsreader.

Bottom Line

Newsbin is the Newsreader that will allow you to experience the peaks of Usenet’s capacity.

Every exceptional service has a price, and unfortunately, so does Newsbin. With its countless (growing) list of features, it is easy to understand why. Newsbin’s team is providing the Usenet community with an exceptional portal. With its ever-growing satisfied user-base, you know that your money will be well spent. With Newsbin, we are continuously surprised to discover features that we never knew we wanted.

Either way, free or paid, a Newsreader can make or break your experience with Usenet. With a proven record of always placing top ranking list, you can rest assured that you will get the best experience using Newsbin.

How to Get Started with Newsbin

To install Newsbin, simply go to their website to complete the purchase.

You will be prompted to provide your contact info, account details, and well and your payment details. Newsbin software can be purchased via either credit card or Paypal.

Once the payment goes through, you will be directed to download the installation driver on your computer. During the installation, you will be prompted to connect to your provider’s account, using the username, password, and news server. If your provider provides SSL encryption, ensure that the SSL box is checked.

On Newsbin’s homepage, you will also find very informative tutorials. These instructional videos are thorough. Going through them once will not only help you get started but also answer the majority of questions you’ll encounter.



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