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Giganews Review

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Giganews Overview

Giganews claims to be the “World’s Best Usenet Provider.” Does their service really live up to that lofty claim? We put Giganews to the test, and unfortunately we discovered that Giganews is a below-average Usenet provider in many key areas, and above average in none.

Giganews: The Things We Like

Giganews is easy to use in that it comes with its own newsreader and its own VPN. If you don’t mind paying such a high price for monthly Usenet access, then you could potentially get all you need from one place – you’ll have Usenet access, a newsreader, and a VPN. 

But we’ve found that none of those features remotely stack up against the competition. There are other, better, cheaper Usenet providers that come with more robust newsreaders and stronger VPNs.

What We Like Less About Giganews

1. No Justification for the High Price

Giganews was once one of the top Usenet providers. While they might have justified some of the highest prices in the industry all those years ago, that is no longer the case. The parent company of Giganews has shifted its focus away from Usenet and onto other projects. As a result, Giganews does not receive the care and attention that it once did, and there’s simply less justification for their astronomical prices. Despite the decrease in general quality of service, customers are still expected to pay a premium price for access to Usenet through Giganews. 

Giganews offers five plans. Two of them are unlimited use, one at $29.99 per month (Diamond) and one at $19.99 per month (Platinum). The Diamond plan is one of the most expensive in the industry. They also offer limited plans starting at $14.99 per month (Silver) for 50 GB and going down to $4.99 per month (Pearl) for 5 GB.

The two unlimited plans include a personal VPN, VyprVPN Pro for Diamond and VyprVPN Basic for Platinum. Additionally, the Diamond plan gives you 50 connections, and all smaller tiers provide 20 connections. A noteworthy difference among the limited accounts (other than that none of them include a VPN) is that the lowest-priced plan, Pearl, limits your access to material retained to just the last 30 days. Other VPNs provide thousands of days for half the price.

Charging prices this high would not be such an issue if they could back up their claim to being “The World’s Best Usenet Provider.” The fact of the matter is, they really can’t. In fact, you can access the exact same Usenet backbone that Giganews utilizes from other providers for a lower price. Check out our review of Supernews to read about how you can access the same Usenet backbone with unlimited speed for much, much less.

2. Other Providers Offer More Retention

On their homepage, Giganews claims to have the “highest quality Usenet retention.” Since retention is the number of days that articles stay on Usenet, either you have the highest retention, or you don’t – and Giganews does NOT have the highest retention in the industry. They claim to have 3+ years of binary retention, and 15+ years of text retention (but they refrain from telling customers the actual number). Newshosting, by contrast, advertises 4493 days of both binary and text retention, well over 10 years.

Additionally, due to the unique infrastructure of Newshosting, the retention number is always increasing due to spooling. Contrast this with Giganews, who has stopped growing their retention to cut costs. Giganews customers will only ever have 3 years of binary retention, while Newshosting customers will have access to ever-increasing retention of greater than 10 years.

It’s not just the retention that falls behind that of the competition. It appears that Giganews has stopped investing in their Usenet infrastructure and their proprietary software – their Mimo newsreader has not been updated since 2014. Newshosting and Eweka are constantly growing and improving both their infrastructure and their customer-facing proprietary software.

To get the most out of Usenet, customers should choose providers with the highest retention. We suggest Newshosting or UsenetServer as your Usenet provider to get over 10 years of both binary and text retention.

3. Their Mimo Newsreader is Outdated

You’ve probably done some research into the best newsreaders, and you’ve seen some of the same reliable names over and over again. One name you probably haven’t seen is Mimo, the official newsreader of Giganews. There are good reasons for why Mimo does not end up on the top lists of newsreaders.

We’ve gone into detail about Mimo, but in brief, one of the main critiques of the Mimo newsreader is that customers can only use the Giganews service through the newsreader. If you have a backup or block account that you use to help complete downloads, you won’t be able to use it with Mimo. 

Another shortcoming of Mimo is that there’s no Linux support. The Mimo newsreader is only available for Windows and Mac. Newshosting, NZBGet, and SABnzbd are three newsreaders that do offer support for Linux. 

If you value a provider that includes their own Newsreader with your purchase, you might consider Tweaknews – which includes Usenet Wire – or Eweka – which includes Newslazer. (Links to reviews).

4. Giganews Promos Don't Offer Much Value

We’ve seen a few Giganews promo offers, and they almost always include just one month of a lower price before switching you onto their most expensive plan. Other, better providers regularly offer annual discounted prices, sometimes as high as 80% off unlimited access to the best plan. Black Friday is a great time to save on software subscriptions, but that’s not the case when it comes to Giganews. Check out this reddit post from the Giganews reddit account. 

We think this comment explains the general perception among a large part of the customer base.

Bottom Line

Giganews claims to be the leading Usenet service provider, but even after a cursory examination, it’s easy to see that claim has little merit. They don’t qualify as the world’s best in privacy, they don’t have the world’s best newsreader, and they don’t have the highest retention. They do not offer the most generous free trial, and they do not appear to offer the world’s best support. The combination of high price and middle-of-the-road features makes it difficult to recommend Giganews.

How to Get Started - Our Recommendation

If you’re looking for the best Usenet provider who owns their own infrastructure, then we recommend Newshosting over Giganews. Newshosting is a true Tier-1 Usenet provider.  With Newshosting, you’ll receive unlimited downloads at unlimited download speeds, a free, zero-log VPN, the highest retention in the industry, 50-60 connections, and much more, all for a lower price than Giganews. 

You can start using Newshosting with a 14-day free trial by clicking here.

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