Top 5 Usenet Free Trials

Why Get a Usenet Free Trial

You might be interested in testing download speed, completion rate, or even the newsreaders offered by different Usenet providers. Usenet free trials allow new customers to test different providers before committing to a paid account.  

 Let’s take a look at some of the most comprehensive Usenet free trials available today.

What Makes a Good Free Trial?

Large Download Allotment

The right free trial for you is going to have a large download cap or no cap at all. It’s not uncommon for some free trials to have download limits, rather than caps. The difference is that a cap stops you from downloading when you reach it. A limit often moves you automatically to a paid version from the trial when you exceed your limit. 

We’ve only selected reputable Usenet providers who offer customers a healthy free trial gigabyte allotment.

Long Free Trial Duration

All of the free trials we’ve chosen offer at least one week of free service. In our opinion, one week is more than enough time to download, test, and configure a Usenet provider to your exact needs. 

Easy to Cancel

Every provider in our Top 5 Free Trial list is reputable, with a large customer base and responsive support. You won’t find any hard sales tactics or confusing procedures if you want to cancel your free trial. If you don’t like the service, you can cancel easily.

The Top 5 Usenet Free Trials

#1 – Newshosting 30 GB Free Trial

Duration: 14 Days
Download Limit: 30 GB
Discount After Trial: 14% Off Annual Plan

Why Newshosting Offers the Best Usenet Free Trial

Newshosting is our top recommended Usenet provider and Usenet newsreader. It should come as no surprise that we also recommend Newshosting as the best Usenet free trial available. Newshosting is an all-around solid provider, and their free trial is simply the best. 

Large Gigabyte Allotment

Newshosting offers 30GB of downloads during their free trial, or 14 days, whichever comes first. It should be noted that this is not specifically a free trial, but rather a money back guarantee within these parameters, but it’ll still give you an opportunity to try the service and return your payment in full if you don’t like it.

Large Discount After Trial

Newshosting is one of the only providers to offer such a massive discount as an incentive to sign up for a free trial. Users who complete the 30GB free trial will receive a 58% discount on Newshosting’s best annual plan through our link below. You’ll get unlimited downloads, unlimited speeds, and a free VPN among other features.

If you’re just getting started with Usenet, you can’t go wrong with a free trial from Newshosting. 

How to Get Started with the Newshosting Free Trial

Get our exclusive Top10Usenet free trial discount deal with this link.

#2 – Eweka

Duration: 7 Days
Download Limit: Unlimited
Discount After Trial: 27%

Eweka is one of the best European Usenet providers. 

Why we like the Eweka Free Trial

Eweka offers a generous free trial. Users are given 7 days with unlimited downloads to get a great feel for the service. Eweka also offers outstanding customer service, and the free trial is a chance for users to experience top-of-the-line support.

Despite Eweka’s customer service being physically located in the Netherlands, it’s easy to get support in English, Dutch, German, and French. All technical inquiries are handled quickly by email. 

During the free trial, you can access all that Eweka has to offer, including full retention, speeds, and newsgroups.

What we don’t like about the Eweka Free Trial

Eweka’s biggest drawback is that their positioning as a primarily EU-based service means that  speeds to and from other servers can be a little bit slower. Not much, but if you’re not in Europe, then you might want to keep it as a secondary service.

How to Get Started with Eweka

Sign up for our exclusive free trial discount offer by clicking this link and save 27% off their best plan. You’ll have Europe’s best Usenet provider for only € 7,00 per month.

 #3 – Easynews

Duration: 14 Days
Download Limit: 50GB
Discount After Trial: 67% discount for the first three months

Easynews is the most unique Usenet provider we’ve run across in that customers can browse newsgroups, download files, and even preview video directly in their web browser. This HTTPS Usenet access means users can browse Usenet newsgroups and articles via a traditional web browser, such as Google Chrome or Firefox. New users can try the innovative Easynews web browser with a 14 day / 50GB free trial. No 3rd party newsreader programs are required – just login to the website and get started.

Why we like the Easynews Free Trial

You’ll have both web-based search and traditional NNTP access. This means you can use the Easynews web search, but you’ll also be able to enter your account credentials into any Usenet newsreader that you like. Easynews is a versatile Usenet provider, and their free trial lets you experiment with both ways to use it.

Easynews is also one of the only providers that has a web-based Usenet search and makes it very simple to get started so you’ll get the most out of your trial period. That means that you have access to all 125,000+ newsgroups, unlimited speeds, and access to an unlimited VPN.  

What we don’t like about the Easynews Free Trial

Easynews has plenty of good features, but we feel that the service could be improved by an included NNTP newsreader. However, the best newsreader is no newsreader, and being able to use Easynews’s web-based search makes it less important.

How to Get Started with the Easynews Free Trial

Check out this link to get the full details of the Easynews free trial and start your account today. 

#4 – UsenetServer

Duration: 14 Days
Download Limit: 10GB
Discount After Trial: 60% on 12 month plan

UsenetServer is one of our top recommended Usenet providers for good reason. All plans come with unlimited downloads and free unlimited Usenet search. The 12 month plan also includes a free unlimited VPN. Additionally, all plans come with a 14-day, 10GB free trial. 

Why we like the UsenetServer Free Trial

UsenetServer is one of the top Usenet providers, and if you’re coming from a lower-tier provider with less retention and download speed caps, giving UsenetServer a try is worth your time. Not only will you have access to the highest retention in the industry, but you can try both the UsenetServer unlimited VPN and the free included Usenet newsreader.

What we don’t like about the UsenetServer Free Trial

Compared to the other top choices, UsenetServer offers one of the smallest gigabyte allotments during their Usenet free trial. Customers need to be aware of the file sizes they download, or they run the risk of running out rapidly and not getting a full idea of the scope of the provider’s features. 

How to Get Started with the UsenetServer Free Trial

Sign up for any UsenetServer plan and you’ll gain access to their risk free 14-day free trial. Just keep in mind that the UsenetServer free trial is offered for new customers only, and just one per customer. 

#5 – Tweaknews 

Duration: 7 Days
Download Limit: Unlimited
Discount After Trial: 30% discount on 12 month plans

Tweaknews is one of the top European Usenet providers (read our full review here). There are many reasons why a Usenet user might want unlimited access to a European provider, and there are fewer better options than Tweaknews. Signing up for a free trial is easy, and you’ll have 7 days with 50GB of downloads to test their service. 

Why we like the Tweaknews Free Trial

You get to experience and test download speeds with Tweaknews and their free, unlimited VPN included with every plan. Additionally, you’ll have access to a free newsreader with integrated search.

What we don’t like about the Tweaknews Free Trial

There aren’t really many downsides to the Tweaknews free trial itself, but as a provider, Tweaknews offers 4,200 days of binary retention – less than some of its competitors. Still, we experienced very good completion rates in our tests.

4,200 days is over 11 years of retention, so you can still access very old files

with Tweaknews.

How to Get Started with the Tweaknews Free Trial

Every plan on Tweaknews (with the exception of block accounts) comes standard with the 7-day, 50GB free trial. Simply follow this link to get started. 

Bottom Line

There are many Usenet free trial offers available, but the five listed here are the top choices for new Usenet customers. Get started today with any one of these great options by following the links above.

How to Get Started with the Top Usenet Free Trial

Newshosting offers the best Usenet free trial in the industry, and it’s our top choice for a Usenet provider. Click this link to sign up for a Newshosting account. Unlimited downloads, unlimited speeds, free unlimited VPN, and much more awaits you after your Newshosting free trial.

Or if you don’t want a free trial, you can get a deeper, 58% discount on an unlimited 12 month plan by following our link here.