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Save 20% on Sunny Usenet Today

Save 20% on Sunny Usenet Today

Get a full year of unlimited speeds and downloads with Sunny Usenet for only € 6,23/mo.


Sunny UNL - 1 Year

Regular Price: € 93,48/yr

€ 6,23/mo

Billed € 74,76 every year

Sunny 60 - 1 Year

Regular Price: € 69,48/yr

€ 4,63/mo

Billed € 55,56 every year

Sunny 20 - 1 Year

Regular Price: € 45,48/yr

€ 3,03/mo

Billed € 36,36 every year

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While not one of the biggest Usenet providers in the world, Sunny Usenet has a lot to offer for a remarkably affordable price. They also have one of the most unique ways to earn extra connections that we’ve ever seen.

Sunny Usenet comes with a respectable 4,100 day retention rate, putting it on par with most mid-tier Usenet providers and still giving access to trillions of posts going back more than 11 years. This coupled with unlimited downloads means that you’ll have plenty of content to enjoy.

There are three tiers of Sunny Usenet plans broken down into 1 year and 1 month versions. Obviously, the annual plan is going to be less than a monthly subscription. In this case, any plan done yearly instead of monthly comes with an automatic 20% discount.

The difference between the plans boils down to two things: speed and connections. Sunny 20 offers speeds up to 20 Mbps and Sunny 60 offers speeds up to 60 Mbps. Sunny UNL offers unlimited speeds, so your connection is as fast as your Internet will allow.

Number of connections start at 30 on the Sunny 20 plans, then increase to 35 with Sunny 60 and 40 with Sunny UNL. These are all pretty good, but what stands out about Sunny is that you have the option to sign up for auto-renewal to get an extra 20 connections on top of the ones that already come with the plan. So Sunny 20 with auto-renew has 50 connections, for example. That puts Sunny UNL at a whopping 60 connections, which really helps you take advantage of the unlimited speeds.

You can sign up for Sunny Usenet today through our link to take advantage of 20% off an annual plan. If you go with the best plan, Sunny UNL – 1 Year, you’ll only be paying € 6,23 per month for unlimited speed and downloads. Use the Sunny Usenet coupon right now and save.

Save 20% on Sunny Usenet

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