Best Usenet Providers

best usenet providers

It’s exciting to start with a new Usenet account. So much unique, user-generated content to explore! However, if you want to maintain a good connection and keep that excitement going, you’re going to need the best Usenet provider.

There are several Usenet providers out there to choose from, and the majority will do the bare minimum. However, to truly get the most out of your Usenet subscription, you’re going to have to pick a provider that will give you useful features for a good price to enhance your experience.

Take a look at our choices for what we consider to be the best Usenet provider, and see the many reasons why you should choose them.

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Our Top Picks


Newshosting has been around for years, and that experience has made it one of the best Usenet providers available. But what makes it so great?

First of all, you get a lot for your money. They have three available plans, starting at $10/mo for the base (Lite) plan, which comes with unlimited speeds, up to 30 connections, and 50GB/mo of data transfer with rollover. The next two plans are even better. For only an extra $3 per month, you get unlimited data on top of the unlimited speeds, and you are able to have up to 100 connections, a recent rollout from the company. The final plan, the XL Powerpack, has all of that, and adds a zero-log VPN into the mix, which we like.

Newshosting also has a free newsreader that comes pre-configured with their service for customers to use. While not as powerful as other newsreaders, the Newshosting newsreader is fast, intuitive, and will serve your basic needs well.

Finally, they have the best retention rates in the world, currently sitting at 4771 and increasing by one day daily. Basically, Newshosting has just stopped deleting old Usenet posts.

New users and old hands alike can’t go wrong with Newshosting.

Usenet Server

When it comes to “bang for your buck,” nothing is better than UsenetServer. The UNS service is often the choice of power users, and it’s pretty easy to see why.

For the most part, the various plans are the same, each including the current highest retention for a Usenet provider (same as Newshosting), unlimited speeds and downloads, free search, and SSL connections. However, the price drops dramatically the longer your plan length, and if you purchase 12 months, you also get a no-log VPN included in the package.

That’s a lot for only $8 per month!

Their connections are fast and stable, so you won’t have to worry about slow downloads and dropped packages. 

There’s a reason why Usenet veterans continue to flock to UsenetServer for their main provider.


The biggest advantage to Easynews is that it’s incredibly simple to sign up and use. It’s one of the best onramps to Usenet for newbies.

Getting this out of the way, a drawback is that they don’t have any unlimited data plans, so the service is better suited to people who don’t anticipate needing more than 150GB per month of data, plus rollover gigs. It could also make a good secondary service.

However, for most new users, that shouldn’t be an issue while they get used to the protocol. And “get used to” is a good way of putting it. Easynews includes access to a web-based NNTP browser with built-in search. This interface is a lot more familiar to World Wide Web users and helps ease a user into understanding indexers.

Of course, you can also use Easynews with a traditional newsreader setup. Unlimited speeds means you won’t have any issues with slow connections.

Overall, we can’t recommend Easynews enough, especially for people who need a helping hand on to Usenet.


The best European provider on the market, Eweka gives you better speeds and retention than almost any other EU-based Usenet service.

They have a unique pricing structure, with two pre-paid plans and a subscription. While both pre-paid plans are good and come with solid features, the Subscription High-Speed plan is the star of the show. It is the only Eweka plan with unlimited speeds and up to 50 connections. However, while Eweka does have speed limits, all of their plans come with unlimited data, so it’s a good tradeoff.

Overall, Eweka is a good European provider that will get you access to additional content with good transfer rates and excellent pricing.


If Eweka is the best European Usenet provider, Tweaknews is a close second. As the oldest continually running EU provider, they have one of the most stable networks in the world. They’ve simply had the time to work out a lot of the bugs and keep up to date with the latest equipment.

Furthermore, their “Ultimate + VPN” plan is an incredible value. For only € 9,07/mo you get unlimited speeds and downloads, free SSL, up to 60 connections, and a zero-log VPN. While the Fast and Lightning plans are both good choices, the fact that Lightning actually costs more than Ultimate + VPN makes it just better to go for the top plan.

With Tweaknews, you can be certain of their high retention, great connections, and a 99.5% completion rate.

Choosing the Best Usenet Provider for You

These are the providers we think are the best in the world right now. They give their users a ton of incredible benefits for competitive prices. And you can get an even deeper discount by using any of the links above when you sign up for Usenet.

You’re going to be using their service a lot, so get the one that matches your usage and budget. When you use one of the best Usenet providers, you’re getting the best Usenet experience.



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