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4,100 Days Retention

Up to 12 Connections

Up to 120 Mbit/sec 


Credit Card, iDEAL, Bitcoin, paysafecard

20% OFF

Unlimited 1 Year


Unlimited 1 Month


High reliability

Well-crafted plans

Good pricing

EU servers

Low number of connections


No newsreader

47% OFF

XL Gold 1 Year


XL Gold 1 Month


Disclaimer – Prices may change frequently and despite our best efforts it is possible that some may be out of date. Please visit the provider’s official website for exact pricing.

XLned Overview

XLned is a Dutch provider who has been around since 2007. Their servers are located in Europe. While you may need to sacrifice a little on speed, the laws in the EU have better privacy protection than most countries. This extra layer of protection is often worth it.

While their packages are modest, what you see is what you get. Their target market is users who want plans priced based on their desired connection speed.

Their constant reliability and support have set them apart and made them a fan favorite.

Why We Recommend XLned

1.) Price

XLned offers various price points crafted fairly to what is offered in their packages. The one that catches our eye is the XL Gold package which starts at €7,49 per month. We believe this plan offers all that a regular Usenet user needs, such as access to all 110,000+ discussion groups, high speed, and 12 connections.

2.) Performance

Download Speed

Depending on which plan you choose, the speed will vary anywhere between 2.5 Mbit/sec up to 120 Mbit/sec. This is a large range of speeds that will accommodate most user’s Usenet activity. If you know your Internet connection speed, you can choose the Usenet plan that lets you pay the minimum amount to maximize your download speed.

Download Limits

XLned’s users do not have to worry about download limits. While restricting all other metrics, XLned is able to please their user with unlimited reliable downloads to all their contents.

3.) Security

SSL Encryption

In terms of security, XLned has it covered with SSL encryption. Like most providers, SSL encryption provides the highest standards to encrypt your Usenet activity. Your internet service provider will be unaware of the content of your downloads.

Things We Like Less About XLned

XLned’s packages are definitely crafted for a niche market and may not appeal to new users. Their metrics, such as the speed and number of connections are capped. While it is sufficient for many experienced users, it may be hard to know off the bat how much is enough and how much is too much. Also, 4100 days of retention is lower than many high-end providers. We want our readers to get the most value out of their Usenet experience and 5 years of retention does not give it justice. Furthermore, offering little extras like VPN access and a Newsreader can help many new users get comfortable with Usenet.

VPN Not Included

While your Usenet activity is protected, the rest of your internet traffic is not. Hence we highly recommend to also get VPN access. While many providers will offer VPN access to their users as part of their packages, XLned does not.

Bottom Line

XLned is not a high-end provider and there are many plans out there who advertise higher limits. XLned is yet a provider that we highly recommend. If you already have an idea of the Usenet metrics your activities need XLned is worth giving a try. Smaller companies tend to promise you the moon and put unlimited caps on all metrics. When users start to experiment with these limits, these providers start to crumble under the pressure. XLned does exactly the opposite. Their packages are crafted realistically to give their clients a service they can scale, sustain and guarantee. XLned has an exceptional mix of features and price points. Their fair price, transparency, and reliability are why we are pleased with XLned.

How to Get Started with XLned

Signing up with XLned is as straightforward as any other Usenet providers. Head to their website and find the plan that is suitable for you.
XLned offers multiple levels of Usenet service. Choose from 1 month, 6 month, or 1 year plans.
XLned offers a wide variety of payment options including, iDeal, Mastercard, Visa, Sofort, Paysafe and even Bitcoin. Once completed, you will receive all the necessary details for the next steps via email. Remember that you have 7 days to try out your package and get a full refund if required.