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Supernews Review


Supernews Review

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Free Trial:

3 Days or 10GB


3+ Years Retention

30 SSL Connections

Unlimited Speeds


Credit Card, PayPal

20% OFF

Unlimited 1 Year


Unlimited 1 Month


Unlimited Downloads & Speeds

Simple Usenet access with 1 plan

Lower retention than other providers

Higher price than most providers

47% OFF

Monthly Plan


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Yearly Plan


Disclaimer – Prices may change frequently and despite our best efforts it is possible that some may be out of date. Please visit the provider’s official website for exact pricing.

Supernews Overview

Founded in 1995, Supernews is one of the oldest Usenet providers still in operation.

This pioneering provider has managed to keep its services simple, reliable, and to the point. It’s understandable that for a new user, it can get overwhelming to be thrown into a pool of new definitions, variable metrics, and jargon. Consequently, Supernews has found its niche market by offering its singular easy-to-understand package. In fact, their slogan is « One Plan. One Price. »

On top of their simple pricing model, Supernews provides unlimited download speed and download limit. This has allowed their users to freely enjoy the basic pleasure of Usenet with access to over 100,000+ newsgroups.

That being said, a couple of weighted comparisons between its peers will easily show you that Supernews lacks in several domains. Its package offers the essential for anyone to get started, but its features are subpar to the most basic plans offered by most providers.

Here is an overview of the highlights of Supernews and how it weights on the market.

Why We Recommend Supernews



Supernews currently offers all its accounts 30 256-bit SSL connections. This is their effort to « defeat bandwidth throttling ». This number is higher than you will require and a very good way to attain the maximum download speed of your internet service provider.

Download Speeds and Limits

Unlimited download speed and download limit have long been an appealing trait sought by Usenet users. While many providers choose to limit their community’s downloads, Supernews’s unrestricted download access is perhaps one of their strongest fortes.


SSL Encryption

Privacy is certainly one of the key concerns when discussing any Usenet services. As per other providers, Supernews provides the signature SSL encryption to all 30 of their connections. This provides enough security for your Internet Service Provider to not distinguish the content of your download.

Things We Like Less About Supernews


Supernews package prices are slightly above average to what you will see on the market. Their month-to-month payment will cost you $11.99 and their year plan costs $99.00. As of November 2019, Supernews is offering a discount of 50% for their first month and a discount of 25% for the year plan.

Other Providers Offer More Retention

The total days of retention have been one of the features that providers have been racing to raise, in an effort to distinguish themselves. Most service providers are offering 10+years of binary retention rate, a number that has been growing from all corners at full capacity. However, Supernews has been a bit lax in that department. Their website advertises only 3 years of binary file retention. Even though the number is growing day-by-day, it is currently one of the lowest seen on the market. The retention rate of only 3 years has left us quite disappointed. We value this metric as one of the most crucial for users to experience the full capacity of Usenet. Being one of the pioneering providers of the community, it is shocking to see Supernews as one of the few to leave this metric so low.

Supernews does not have its own Newsreader

Providers left and right have worked to ease the entry to the Usenet community. Including a client-side to access the content of their newsgroup has been important for less tech-savvy users to give Usenet a try. It is then unfortunate that Supernews doesn’t offer a Newsreader for its users. If you choose to start with Supernews, you will need to invest a bit more time to research for a Newsreader. Newsreader is the tool which allows you to search, read and download from Usenet servers. Some are free, but the high-end ones will cost you a small fee.

VPN Not Included

Keeping up with their simplified business model, Supernews neglects to add the VPN extension that many of their peers choose to include. This is arguably a shortsighted decision from Supernews. They fail to recognize the need for the additional security layer for many of their users.

Bottom Line

Past their crisp logo, simple pricing model, and proven reliability history, they offer nothing particularly remarkable. For the same pricing, other providers will give you much more. For a new user, the simplicity of the package offered will be attractive. However, the lack of VPN and Newsreader may soon prove to cause more headaches and decision fatigue than it is worth. On the other hand, for a veteran user, the unlimited download and speed limit will be an incentive to switch over. Switching to it may prove difficult for experienced users due to the lack of flexibility and the very short retention rate. All in all, Supernews has long been a strong candidate for a Usenet provider. They have however fallen short to stay current to the community’s need.

How to Get Started with Supernews

Signing up with Supernews is very quick and straightforward. Just visit their website and choose either the monthly or yearly plan. Finally, a billing address is also needed to complete the purchase, which can be inconvenient for some. Once you have handed over these details, you are officially a Supernews client. You will receive an email providing you with the basic information. Most questions and concerns are answered in their FAQ section. They also have a support channel that is active 24/7.
Supernews free trial signup page. All plans come with a free trial of 3 days or 10GB.
Supernews offers a 3 day free trial.